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The main points of pick-up in Kharkov

Rent a car in Kharkov

One of the largest cities in Eastern Ukraine, the first capital, an unofficial shopping center - all this is about Kharkov. A relatively young (only 360 years old) city in Slobozhanshchina is popular not only among students from all over the world, businessmen and just tourists tend to come here. In 2018, according to the Focus magazine, it won the title of the most comfortable city for life in Ukraine. Since the regional center was built on a Soviet scale, such a service as car rental in Kharkov is always in demand, otherwise you may simply not have time to appreciate its aesthetics and flavor.

Having transport at your disposal, you can easily and comfortably cover any distance, avoid many difficulties, save time and money. Car rental is a very profitable service that will help out in a variety of situations, for example:

  • weekend trips out of town with the whole family - there are many recreation centers, nature reserves, and simply beautiful places nearby where it is pleasant to go with children or friends;
  • business trips or business trips - since this is the largest scientific and business center of Ukraine, a lot of entrepreneurs, students, teachers from different countries come here. It is much more convenient to solve business issues by having a car and not wasting time on public transport or taxis;
  • solemn events - a lot of presentations, exhibitions, receptions and celebrations are held here, therefore, by choosing the appropriate class of car, you will make the right impression and emphasize your status;
  • Holidays and weddings - the city offers many interesting and atmospheric places for photo shoots. Choose a suitable car rental in Kharkov and organize a solemn and memorable delivery of guests;
  • for shopping - many Ukrainians and residents of neighboring countries come to the huge Barabashovo market, which is one of the 15 largest in the world. In order not to drive your own car for thousands of kilometers, it is more convenient to rent it.

In a word, no matter what tasks you face, car rental will help to solve them all as quickly as possible and with minimal time and money investments.

What documents are needed to register a lease

Large car rental companies have almost the same list of requirements for tenants. However, conditions may vary, so be careful. Most often, individuals are required to provide a passport, identification code (not always) and a driver's license. Legal entities must have a driver's and representative's passport, driver's license, copies of constituent and charter papers certified by a notary.

More specifically, the list of requirements and conditions, without which it is impossible to rent a car in Kharkov, is as follows:

  • the driver's age is at least 23 years old, and the rental of business and premium class cars is often available only to people over 25 years old. Some companies can lower the age limit, but only individually and for an additional fee;
  • passport - Ukrainian or international;
  • current driver's license with initials spelled out in Latin;
  • the minimum driving experience is 2 years, which is associated with liability and insurance risks.

Foreign citizens can rent a car in Ukraine after providing a national passport and an international driver's license.

In addition, the potential tenant must have the amount of cash specified in the rental agreement to pay the deposit or a valid bank card, as well as other documents, if they are indicated in the confirmation voucher.

How to calculate the final price

It is absolutely natural for the tenants to want to understand how much, at least in general terms, it will cost to rent a car in Kharkov. Economy class fares start from $ 17-20 per day, and the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, the main of which are:

  • the make and model of the car - of course, renting an economy class car will be much cheaper than renting an executive SUV;
  • the condition of the vehicle - new cars are more expensive than models with significant mileage;
  • time of use - the overwhelming majority of companies calculate terms per day (full 24 hours), so if the renter delays the return of the car for several hours without warning, the cost may increase by a day;
  • complete set - you will have to pay for additional devices (child car seat, navigator, etc.);
  • additional services - this includes the delivery of the vehicle to the station, airport, hotel, as well as delivery and delivery outside of working hours;
  • driver of the rental company - if you are not driving, take into account the cost of the rental employee's services;
  • rental terms - the longer you use the car, the less you pay in the end.

Fortunately, the tenant can independently influence the amount of payment. For this, a simple attentiveness and responsible attitude is enough, for example: do not exceed the daily mileage limit (if any), do not travel outside the country or region (if it is stipulated in the contract). You can save on the final payment for car rental in Kharkov if:

  • monitor the amount of fuel in the tank - when returning the car, the fuel level should be the same at the moment of taking it;
  • before returning the car, call in for a car wash and interior cleaning - the return of a vehicle in a dirty state entails an additional payment, which is charged from the deposit and is usually higher than the market average.

Modern large companies form their proposals on completely transparent terms, so it is not at all difficult to calculate their costs in advance. As a rule, large market players develop several types of lease and the client has to choose the most suitable one for his needs. For example, in some companies, the price includes such options as round-the-clock support, concierge service, assistance on the road. If you don't need all this, just pick up another company on the RentService24 aggregator.

Car pick-up locations in Kharkiv

At least once in a lifetime, everyone living in Ukraine or abroad should visit the one and a half million largest settlement of the 50th parallel. Those who are just arriving in our country can rent a car in Zhulyany and other Kiev airports, after which an exciting journey awaits you. After the end of the trip, leave the car at the Kharkov office of the company. For the convenience of residents and guests of the city, car rental in Kharkov can be rented at very convenient addresses. Many rental companies have located their offices at Kharkiv International Airport. And also in very accessible places not far from the city center. If there is no desire or opportunity to go to the office of the company, the distributor will provide a delivery service to any address convenient for the client. But keep in mind that this service is paid. Study the conditions of each company to clarify the cost and possibility of such a service. Oftentimes, this will even save you a taxi ride or wasted time looking for a road.

Despite the seemingly high cost, we recommend to cooperate only with time-tested and reviews of hundreds of tenants by distributors. Firstly, because a large company has a much larger vehicle fleet than a small one and you have a choice. Secondly, because the client is protected from hidden extra charges and unreasonable payments by a transparent contract. And thirdly, compulsory insurance will cover most of the accidental road accidents.

Benefits of RentService24

As in almost any big city in our country, car rental in Kharkov is represented by dozens of large and small companies. Searching for their pages on the Internet, and even more so to travel from office to office, is not an easy task. And why waste your time if you can use the services of the RentService24 aggregator site, which has already collected the best offers for renting vehicles of different brands, models and classes. The benefit of such cooperation is that the client receives:

  • choice of a car of any class in more than 500 rental points throughout Ukraine;
  • round-the-clock online user support - competent specialists will answer your questions at any time;
  • selection of suitable rental conditions by comparing the services of several providers on one site;
  • a large amount of information about different machines, clear filters for selecting models;
  • the ability to choose a vehicle not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

However, when using the aggregator, it is important to understand that the site does not provide the cars themselves, but information about them and the possibility of online booking. In addition, the working conditions and requirements for tenants differ from company to company, so you need to carefully study the website of the company you have chosen.

If the rental company selected by the client rejects the application, the system will automatically send it to the rest of the companies represented on the site, so that you are guaranteed to get the car you want. We recommend that you book a vehicle in advance so that the required make and model is definitely available. In addition, many firms offer a good discount for online booking (10-20% of the daily rental cost).

Additional equipment and services

To make the client as comfortable and confident as possible on the road, a car for rent in Kharkov can be equipped with additional devices. In addition, the companies offer a wide range of services designed to make your trip easy, enjoyable and unforgettable. The most demanded equipment are:

  • car seats for children of different ages and weights - indispensable for the safe transportation of children in cars. The task of the adaptation is to protect the child as much as possible in the event of an accident and to relieve parents of anxiety. In the car seat, the baby can play with toys, look at books and even sleep without distracting adults from driving;
  • roof box - necessary for the transportation of oversized luggage, if you are going, for example, with a company to the nature;
  • GPS-navigator - will help you determine your own location, find the desired point, make a route and much more. The device perfectly saves time and energy, allowing you to control the situation. Especially useful for guests of the city;
  • WI-FI router - useful for solving business problems, entertainment on the way, getting to know the situation on the roads and in many other cases.

Among the services offered by rental companies, customers consider the most useful:

  • roadside assistance - in case of mechanical breakdowns, road accidents, lack of fuel, battery discharge and other troubles, you should dial the call center number and get immediate assistance;
  • insurance - will save the client's nerves and will not require extra money, because many companies have CTP for free. At the request of the tenant, the policy can be extended. For example, take out insurance against theft and damage. The full option frees you from covering various losses and allows you to rent a car without a deposit;
  • rental with a driver - professional drivers know the city perfectly, will lay the shortest route so that you have time for all your scheduled meetings;
  • refueling the car with fuel - suitable for business people with a busy schedule. If you have no time to fill up a full tank on your own, with which you must return the vehicle, use this service to pay for gasoline at a fixed price and not overpay;
  • delivery and return of the vehicle to the address - the date, time and place of delivery / return of the vehicle the client chooses independently, which is very convenient for businessmen and tourists. The convenience of the service has already been appreciated by more than 50% of tenants;
  • One way rental - allows you to take a car in one city and return it in another, helping out in various force majeure situations. Valid throughout the territory of Ukraine;
  • rent outside working hours - for most companies, non-working hours are considered to be the interval between 18.00 one day and 9.00 the next day, as well as Sunday and public holidays. The service allows the client to receive European service and be convinced of the high culture of service;
  • rental at the airport - useful if you need to immediately go to a business meeting or romantic date. An employee of the company meets the client (flight delays must be taken into account) with a contract and car keys.

If this list is not enough, large rental companies offer: hourly rentals, cars for the period of repairs, weddings or celebrations, for corporate clients, as well as car leasing.