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Car rental in Germany

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Car rental in Germany

Germany is an economically developed country located in the center of Europe. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to get to know German culture. Here are the main offices of world companies, industrial plants of famous brands. There are many purposes of visits: business trip, treatment, rest. Regardless of the reason for your arrival, moving around a large country will become more comfortable if you rent a car in Germany. Today, this service is very popular with customers. You can rent a car in advance using a convenient online service. A large assortment allows you to find a model that matches your preferences and budget.

Who needs car rental?

Car rental in Germany may be necessary for every person who has a driver's license. The largest number of requests comes from tourists. Personal transport allows you to be mobile and not be tied to the schedule of public transport. The car can be picked up at any convenient point without wasting time looking for a taxi. Plus, this service provides access to attractions located quite far from the place of residence.

Car rental in Germany is necessary for employees who come for work purposes. They value time and comfort, and therefore models of various classes are available on the service platform. The price varies from this parameter.

Another case requiring a rental car is the breakdown of a personal vehicle. Often times this happens unexpectedly. In order not to lose time, complete the scheduled tasks, order a car rental.

Features of registration of rental in the RentService24 service

RentService24 brings together the best rental services. Thanks to this, car rental in Germany is issued quickly and is available in many other countries.

On the site it is possible to find a vehicle by many parameters:

  • country, city;
  • price;
  • start, end date of use.

It is important to consider that landlords have individual characteristics and requirements. Please read the details before submitting.

Car rental in Germany is suitable for a driver's license holder over the age of 23 and more than two years of driving experience. This item is strictly controlled, as it entails insurance risks. Documents are presented before handing over the keys.

Due to the large number of partners, the RentService24 car fleet is quite large. Transport can be found by characteristics:

  • class;
  • type of fuel;
  • transmission;
  • brand.

The description contains information about the engine, the number of passengers and luggage.

Please note that car rental in Germany is provided by many companies subject to a deposit. This can expand the final cost. For the limited, you need to look for options without a deposit and renting with extended insurance. The interface allows you to compare offers from different companies.

Often car rental is done by a third party (relatives, helpers, friends). The proposed method is possible, but it is important to indicate the driver's data.

Ordering vehicles is available around the clock thanks to online chat.

Car rental in Germany: additional options

In the absence of any function in the description, its additional order is available for a fee. Climate control is not available on all models. If this point is important (it is hot weather outside), then it is realistic to choose an option with the option you are interested in from another distributor. Thankfully there is a choice.

Another addition that is necessary for those who are poorly oriented in the area or are planning long trips is a GPS navigator. The gadget will save a lot of time for the driver while searching for a destination.

Additionally, a Wi-Fi router can be ordered, which provides access to a stable Internet inside the vehicle. Due to this, a car for rent will save money on paying for mobile communications, and will allow you to work remotely.

Parents should consider adding a child seat to the vehicle. In Germany, this device is mandatory for the transport of babies. His absence threatens the driver with a fine and high risks to the health of a small passenger. The model is selected according to the age of the child and the anatomical needs of the seated person.

Car rental does not imply its return after hours without additional payment. This service is negotiated in advance, the end point where the driver must leave the vehicle is determined.

The sequence of registration of a rented car

In the modern world, car rental in Germany is issued online from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to use the convenient and fast RentService24 service.

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Choosing a location.
  2. Definition of dates.
  3. Selection of an option from the catalog.
  4. Entering customer information.
  5. Coordination of additional details.
  6. Order and payment.

For registration, it is enough to have a driver's license, driving experience of more than 24 months.

After the procedure has been completed, it remains to wait for a response from the rental service confirming the order or a letter to clarify the information. Communication takes place via email.

An order that appears in your personal account must be tracked or changed at the request of the client.

The rental car is handed over to the customer in good condition, with a filled tank, and a clean interior. You must return the vehicle in a similar appearance and in good condition.

By ordering a car for rent in Germany through the RentService24 service, you will save time and money, getting the comfort of travel in return!