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Car rental in Poland

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Profitable car rental in Poland

The interesting, vibrant and eventful history of this European country attracts a lot of tourists, and entrepreneurs come here to develop their business. Whatever the purpose of the trip, car rental in Poland will help to solve maximum problems. People who have reached the age of 23 are eligible to rent a car (but in some companies the requirements are 21 or 25 years old) and have with them:

  • a credit card to block a pledge (franchise);
  • passport;
  • driving license of international standard (driving experience more than 24 months).

Due to the considerable competition in the rental business, each specific company offers its own conditions and prices, so carefully study the reviews to choose the best option.

Cheap car rental in Poland

The amount that you have to pay for car rental depends primarily on the class of the vehicle and the year of its manufacture, as well as the time of use. Economy class cars are very popular among tourists and the Poles themselves, so you need to book them in advance. Additionally, you can save on payment by using our tips:

  • decide on the exact start and end date of cooperation with the broker - the vast majority of companies take money for a full day. For example, if you need to rent a car in Poland for 30 hours, you will have to pay for 48 hours (two days);
  • the cost also depends on the number of passengers and luggage - sometimes it is cheaper to take two small cars than one multi-seat car;
  • be sure to order a child car seat to a broker if you are traveling with children and do not have your own - yes, you will have to pay extra for this service, but its price is much lower than the fines that you will certainly be issued;
  • carefully read the contract before crossing the borders of the Republic of Poland - some companies allow you to rent a car in Poland and travel throughout Europe, including ferry transport, other companies strictly forbid it;
  • games with insurance - pay attention to the total amount that you have to spend. Sometimes a low rental price means a high deposit and vice versa. Compare terms and choose.

Be sure to carefully inspect the car when handing over the keys by the manager of the company and before signing the contract. If any damage inside or outside of the vehicle is not on the record, ask for it to be done immediately. Otherwise, you will have to pay for them upon return.

Additional payments

Car rental in Poland is in demand not only during the high season. It is sometimes very difficult to find a car that meets the requirements, and people are in a hurry, concluding an agreement with the first company that comes across and not carefully reading the conditions. Meanwhile, at the end of the term, you can expect an unpleasant surprise and decent additional costs for:

  • return of the vehicle in a dirty state and with an empty tank;
  • exceeding the daily mileage limit;
  • return of the car outside working hours, as well as the possibility to leave it in a place not specified in the contract;
  • other cases specified in the contract.

On the RentService24 website, you have the opportunity to study the rental conditions from several of the most popular and reliable companies in advance, and choose a car rental in Poland with the best conditions for yourself.

Car rental in Poland and traffic rules

On the territory of the Republic of Poland, the same traffic rules apply as in all EU countries. If you are a beginner and rent a car for the first time, keep in mind:

  • safety measures - all passengers must wear seat belts. The driver is forbidden to talk on a mobile phone without a headset while driving and to leave the vehicle at night without a vest with reflective stripes (outside settlements);
  • children – it is forbidden to put children under 150 cm in height in the front seat next to the driver without special devices. For babies under 3 years old, a car seat is required. Without it, children taller than 135 cm can ride, subject to adjusted seat belts and only in the back seat;
  • Lighting – low beam headlights must always be on, daytime running lights can be used in normal visibility. Fog lights are turned on only in very heavy rain or fog, when visibility deteriorates to 50 meters, you need to turn on the rear fog lights;
  • alcohol – the driving limit is 0.2%. If this indicator is higher - a fine with deprivation of a driver's license. In cases where an accident occurs due to the fault of a drunk driver, he pays a very large amount of compensation to the victims (the amount is calculated individually);
  • speed - the maximum speed is different, depending on the number of lanes on the highway, as well as movement in the settlement and beyond.

In addition, some roads in the country are tolled. When planning a route, keep in mind that car rental in Poland does not include payment for moving on them. If you have chosen these routes, do not forget to take a special ticket and be sure to keep it until the end of the trip (losing or forgetting threatens to re-pay at the highest rates).

Book a car before your trip

The RentService24 portal provides drivers with a unique opportunity: car rental in Poland on the websites of Polish car rental companies. Ordering and paying for a vehicle through our aggregator is:

  • choosing a more favorable tariff and a convenient payment method in a relaxed homely atmosphere;
  • transparent cost and clear conditions without hidden fees and overpayments;
  • payment in hryvnia at the exchange rate or any other convenient currency (dollars, euros, zlotys);
  • 24/7 rental support in your native language.

We are working around the clock to make car rental in Poland a pleasure for our customers. Call!