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Car rental in Krakow

Krakow is a royal city, which is rightfully considered a real pearl of the national cultural heritage of Poland. Every year, crowds of tourists come to see unsurpassed monuments of architecture and art, as well as taste local cuisine and have fun in numerous clubs, restaurants and cafes. Car rental in Krakow will help you to see as many sights of the city as possible and not get tired, but to travel comfortably. This service may be of interest not only to tourists, but also to people who come to this amazing city for business purposes.

To find a reliable car rental in Krakow, use the RentService24 aggregator. Our website contains current offers from the best car rental services. You can choose a car of any class and for any period.

Who can rent a car in Krakow?

If you are already 23 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience behind you, then you can rent a car in Krakow. The RentService24 website presents a wide selection of cars of different brands, models and with different technical characteristics.

The most popular car rental in Krakow is of the following classes:

  • economy. These are cars with a simple and unpretentious design, compact and maneuverable. They are great for daily city trips;
  • average. This class includes hatchbacks and mid-size sedans. Such cars are rented for city trips and in cases where comfort is more important for the user than presentability;
  • business. Not only tourists come to Krakow, but also many businessmen, for whom it is important that the appearance of the car conveys their status and at the same time it is comfortable to spend time in it between meetings;
  • premium. These are luxury cars with a full package of modern features. You can rent a luxury car on the occasion of any celebration or just for an unforgettable walk around the city;
  • SUV. These are massive machines with increased cross-country ability. They may have a different type of drive or be all-wheel drive;
  • minivan. In Krakow, this type of car rental is most often issued for the transfer of large groups of people from the train station, airport, as well as for excursions.

Any of them can be rented for a short or long term, with a driver or drive yourself.

How to rent a car in Krakow?

To rent a car in Krakow, it is not necessary to visit the office of a car rental company. You can book your favorite model without leaving your home, while you can be in another city or country.

If a citizen of Ukraine is interested in renting a car in Krakow, he must have the following package of documents with him:

  • an international driver's license, in which information about the driver is indicated in Latin letters;
  • identity card or temporary residence permit in the country;
  • TIN (not a mandatory document).

Car rental in Krakow is available not only for individuals, but also for companies. This service is used by employees during business trips, as well as when meeting various delegations at the airport or train station. Often, VAT is already included in the rental price. This allows legal entities to optimize taxation. Also, for their convenience, all car rentals accept payment by bank transfer.

To arrange a car rental in Krakow through the RentService24 service, legal entities need to follow a number of simple steps:

  • decide on a car rental and choose a car model in the service catalog;
  • send registration documents of the company to the car rental e-mail;
  • receive an invoice, contract and act of acceptance/transfer of the vehicle by e-mail;
  • pick up the car at a predetermined place.

Car rental in Krakow is a convenient and safe service for any business. All vehicles are insured (OSAGO, CASCO), their age does not exceed 5 years, and the technical condition is always under the strict control of specialists.

How much does a rental car cost?

In Krakow, car rental costs from 18 USD. per day when ordering a service for a month. This is an average figure. The final rental price depends on many factors:

  • car class;
  • start date of using the service;
  • location;
  • payment method;
  • availability of collateral;
  • the period for which the car is rented;
  • availability of additional services.

In Krakow, car rental will be more profitable for those who plan to use it for a long time, and the price is also reduced if you book early.

To find out approximately how much it will cost to rent a car in Krakow, you can enter the name of the city, the time period and the selected vehicle model on the website of the RentService24 aggregator in a special form.

Benefits of RentService24

To easily and quickly arrange a car rental in Krakow, use the RentService24 online service. Cooperation with us has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • our catalog contains offers only from reliable lessors with new and large fleets;
  • in a comfortable environment, the user can get acquainted with all the technical characteristics of the machines and choose the best option;
  • provide qualified online support 24/7;
  • the service is equipped with an intuitive filter, with which you can choose the right vehicle configuration with the right price;
  • Applications for booking a car are accepted around the clock.

If you need a car rental in Krakow, use the RentService24 service. You can book your favorite car from anywhere in the world. Our service will help you travel around Poland comfortably and at the same time save you money and time when looking for a vehicle.