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Car rental in Lodz

There are many reasons to rent a car and stay in this beautiful Polish city for a while. Whether you're here to have fun at a festival, for business purposes, or just touring the country, a reliable vehicle will always come in handy. At the same time, there is no need to take a taxi or look for local distributors: car rental in Lodz is available on the RentService24 portal with the possibility of early booking from anywhere in the world.

Using the services of our aggregator, you can ensure your freedom of movement for any number of days. Long-term cooperation makes it possible to receive pleasant discounts and bonuses.

Car rental: conditions and offers

As in the vast majority of European countries and cities, any person over the age of 23 with a driving experience of more than 2 years (some companies have 3 to 5 years) has the right to rent a car in Lodz. You need to have an international driver's license, passport and a credit card or cash to pay the deposit.

Your car rental in Lodz will be yours after just two simple steps:

  • booking through the website or by phone;
  • signing the contract and making a deposit.

The RentService24 aggregator offers to choose the right model from a wide range of modern vehicles. Depending on the goals and objectives of the trip, as well as your own preferences, choose:

  • luxurious luxury cars for an unforgettable wedding celebration, photo session or romantic date;
  • minibuses for group excursions;
  • small cargo minivans for moving;
  • roomy family cars for rent in Lodz to see the sights of the city and its surroundings;
  • compact and economical city runabouts that are great for narrow streets and frequent parking lots.

Keep in mind that each car rental company in Lodz and throughout Poland has its own conditions for car rental, which depend on the type of vehicle chosen. Therefore, carefully read the information from the suppliers on our website.

We rent a car: frequently asked questions

Despite a fairly simple and transparent procedure, car rental in Lodz raises many questions. Most often we are asked:

  • whether the vehicle is insured – as a rule, insurance is already included in the price, but insurance packages may vary depending on the conditions of a particular car rental company. Most often, this is the basic option, but to get the full one, which includes fire theft, etc., you need to pay extra;
  • Is it possible to rent a car in Warsaw and return it to Lodz and vice versa - it is possible if there is a representative office of the selected company in the city you need. Specify the list of cities on the distributor's website;
  • whether crossing the borders of Poland is allowed - directly depends on the rules of the company. For some, car rental with departure to the EU countries is allowed free of charge, while for others you need to pay extra for this or travel is completely prohibited;
  • if I got my license six months ago, is it possible to take a car - most likely you will be refused, because the minimum experience should be 12 months;
  • what to do if an accident occurs - the most important thing is to notify the rental company and strictly follow the instructions of the manager. Further actions are no different from whether the car is rented in Lodz or it is your personal vehicle. You need to call the traffic police and wait for the paperwork. “Resolving” the situation on the spot will cost much more.

It would be more correct to ask any questions that a car rental in Lodz raises before signing the documents to an employee of the rental company. This will save you a lot of nerves and time.

How to make car rental cheaper in Lodz

Such a service as car rental in Lodz is in demand among the widest range of customers, so many tenants are interested in the opportunity to get a vehicle as inexpensively as possible. To do this, use our tips:

  • compare prices for renting cars of the same class or model from several car rental companies;
  • study the reviews of the selected landlord on the Internet, and not only on his official website;
  • in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, check with the rental company employee in advance about all hidden costs and additional fees that are included in renting a car in Lodz;
  • study the contract and all appendices to it very carefully. Demand to clarify incomprehensible points before signing;
  • carefully check the machine for defects and damage, ask them to record the detected defects in the documents;
  • if you need a car for rent for a long time, give up mileage restrictions;
  • always return the vehicle with a full tank and in a perfectly clean condition (unless otherwise stated in the contract).

Approach the rental procedure responsibly - this will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments.

Benefits from RentService24

In fact, car rental in Lodz is no different from similar actions in Warsaw, Poznan and other cities. To simplify and speed up the process:

  • book a car online on our aggregator, the sooner the better;
  • do not be afraid to refuse additional services that are not needed or cost more than you expected (this should be done before signing the documents);
  • take full insurance if you doubt your driving skills;
  • be sure to include a second driver in the contract if you plan to take turns driving the car;
  • when returning the car, insist on making a note in the documents that there are no claims against you;
  • Keep all rental documents and parking receipts just in case.

Feel free to ask us any questions, we will help you navigate the nuances of Polish legislation and show you how to avoid problems. Call now!