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Car rental in Ukraine

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Car rental in Ukraine

RentService24 is an international service that allows you to quickly, safely and comfortably arrange car rental in Ukraine and European countries. Our site contains offers from the best car rental companies in the country. You can order a car of the required make, class and model at any time.

Car rental in Ukraine has become very popular among the following categories of clients:

  • people who arrived in a foreign city on business (business trips);
  • businessmen meeting business partners at the airport or train station;
  • travelers who do not have their own car;
  • guests of hotels and hotels who need a transfer to the airport or train station.

Through the RentService24 service, you can arrange car rental in Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov and other large cities of the country. In total, the aggregator's clients have at their disposal more than 5 hundred verified rental points of transport at a bargain price.

How to make an application, what documents will be required

RentService24 is not a rental company, but an aggregator that brings together organizations that provide car rental in Ukraine and Europe. To rent a car, there is no need to visit the rental office, just select the model you like through our service and apply online. Submitting a request takes place in several stages.

  1. Choosing a car. In the RentService24 catalog, the user selects the brand and class of the car, gets acquainted with its technical characteristics and operating rules.
  2. Filling out the application. In it, you need to indicate the place where the transport should be served, and the dates for which car rental is issued in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv or any other major city in the country. The time of delivery / return of the machine and the place of return are also indicated (it may not coincide with the address of the pick-up point). The car can be delivered to the airport, railway station, it can be picked up at the office of the car rental company or at any address in Ukraine. In the "Comment" field, you can indicate additional services that you would like to use in the rented transport. It can be a child seat, GPS navigator or roof mount.
  3. Sending the application. In response to it, a booking confirmation should be sent to the customer's email address. It usually takes no more than an hour to wait. If the selected model is not available, the car rental company may offer another option, or the aggregator will send an application to other rental companies. They will send offers for rent to the client's e-mail.
  4. Receipt of booking confirmation. A letter confirming the reservation will be sent to the mail you indicated. On the day of the start of the rental, take the necessary documents with you to the place of issue of the car.

Car rental in Ukraine is issued with the following documentation:

  • Confirmation of booking. It must be issued to the main driver. If this voucher is not provided, an additional fee may be charged by the rental company;
  • Driver's license. It must be valid for the country in which you plan to rent a car. Some car rental companies may require an international driver's license;
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine, ID-card or foreign passport for foreigners;
  • A bank card that belongs to the main tenant or an amount in cash sufficient to cover the rental services with a deposit.

Carefully read the confirmation voucher, it may contain additional documents that the renter must have at the time of picking up the vehicle.

If the rental company refuses to issue a car due to the lack of any documents from the client, he cannot count on any compensation, and the aggregator in this case disclaims any responsibility.

How to choose the right rental

Car rental in Ukraine may be needed for personal or business purposes. If you want to be sure that your trip will be comfortable and will go exactly according to plan, you need to carefully choose a rental company. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Through social networks and Internet portals. Such resources often offer car rental in Dnipro, Kharkov, Lvov, Kiev and other large cities of Ukraine. Such advertisements are placed not only by reliable and reputable companies, but also by very dubious companies that do not provide either insurance or any guarantees. When it comes to the use of transport, auto insurance should be inquired with car dealers first. It is its presence or absence, and not a low price, that should become a determining factor in choosing a rental. Insurance is a guarantee of safety for both the driver and his passengers. Private traders and companies with a dubious reputation do not waste time and money on insurance of their vehicle fleet. In addition, they offer a more limited list of services and additional services, and their fleet often consists of several cars with solid mileage and not always in good condition.
  2. Through friends. Since car rental has recently become very popular in our country, everyone among friends, relatives or colleagues may have someone who has already managed to use this service. You can ask them about what rentals they worked with and whether they were satisfied with their service. This method of searching for a car rental has a significant disadvantage - a subjective assessment of the quality of service provision. Each tenant has its own criteria for evaluating the services provided, so what your friend liked may not necessarily satisfy your taste and requests. Each client has different requirements for both the cost of car rental and the condition of the rented car.
  3. Through a dedicated service. We are talking about aggregators whose catalogs contain offers from different rental companies. The advantage of such services is that they independently check the reliability of the rentals, whose cars are posted on their websites. If you are interested in car rental in Lviv, Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, use the services of the RentService24 aggregator. Our website contains offers from more than 5 hundred rental points from all over the country.


Car rental in Ukraine is available for drivers with a driving experience of at least 2 years, who at the time of renting a car are already 23 years old, but not yet 75 years old. For some premium car models, the age limit and driving period may be different. There are rental companies that make more loyal requirements for customers, provided that they pay for services at a double rate.

When renting a car, you also need to pay attention to the mileage conditions set by the rental company. The daily limit is usually set at 200-300 km. If you are planning to travel long distances, it is better to consider an unlimited mileage fare.

It is worth choosing a car brand depending on the purpose of its rental:

  • Minivan can be rented for travel with a large company;
  • Sedans are a classic option for family and business trips;
  • Crossovers and SUVs perfectly adapt to any driving conditions;
  • Station wagons are ideal for family travel;
  • Hatchback - model for urban traffic.

You can also choose cars based on what kind of fuel they fill up with (gas, petrol, electricity) and what kind of gearbox they are equipped with (automatic, mechanic). Additionally, it is worth considering the number of seats, the volume of the trunk, the presence of climate control, a multimedia system and other functions that are no less necessary on the road.

The car can be rented for any period. It can be a day, a week, a month, or a long term rental. The longer the period of using the car, the more favorable the tariff will be. Payment for services is accepted by companies in cash, bank cards or by transfer.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the deposit. It is collected by the rental company upon transfer of the car and goes to cover the franchise, possible fines for traffic violations and other costs associated with car rental. The deposit must be paid in cash or blocked on the tenant's bank card. After the return of the car, the deposit is returned to the client minus the costs incurred by the company. If there were no additional costs, it will be transferred in full. Refunds may take up to 2 weeks.

Since the car is provided to the renter clean and with a full tank, it must be returned in the same condition. Washing, refueling and additional repairs are paid from the left deposit.

It is important when receiving the car to carefully inspect it for cracks, chips, scratches and all kinds of damage. All discovered flaws are recommended to be documented in the acceptance certificate. This will help to avoid disagreements and claims during the return of the car.

The car does not have to be returned to the place of delivery. You can make an appointment with a car rental company in advance and leave the transport in any city convenient for you or on any street. If you need to return the car ahead of time, you should immediately inform the car rental agency, because in some cases the payment for unused services may be refunded.

How to book

Car rental in car rental is carried out in several ways:

  • By phone, which is indicated on the company's website;
  • By filling out an online application;
  • Through online support chat;
  • In the office of the rental company.

Not every client who turns to car rental in Ukraine initially knows which car is suitable for his purposes. If you have any problems with choosing the right model, you can contact a car rental representative for help. He will clarify the details of the trip and select the appropriate option.

When booking a car through the aggregator's website, the client has the right, if necessary, to amend the rental conditions. You need to notify the service about these innovations via e-mail even before the official registration of documents. If the client has a desire to change the rental conditions after receiving the car, all the nuances must be negotiated directly with the rental company, and not with the aggregator.

Price formation

Several factors affect the cost of car rental:

  • Make and class of the car. Luxury cars are more expensive than economy cars;
  • Time of using the service. Long-term rent is more profitable in terms of 1 day;
  • Availability of additional services. A child seat, a router or a navigator, as well as a car delivery on weekends or overload by mileage are paid additionally;
  • Place of car delivery / return. It is most profitable to pick up a car from the car rental parking lot; for delivery to any address specified by the client, you need to pay extra;
  • Payment method. Many car rentals provide a discount for those who pay by bank transfer;
  • Availability of collateral. If you rent a car without paying a security deposit, then the cost of services increases significantly.

Group travel

To organize group trips or trips, it is necessary to provide in advance transport that will be convenient for a large company. If you hire a bus with a driver, there is no guarantee that it will be comfortable, and its sanitary and hygienic condition will satisfy all participants in the trip. In addition, such transport does not always provide for an air conditioning system, without which in the summer a long-awaited trip can turn into sheer torment.

Renting a bus with a driver deprives your company of freedom of movement, because you can only travel along a previously clearly agreed route and for prolonged downtime you will have to pay extra to the driver. The way out of this situation may be to rent a car of increased capacity. It can be a minivan or an SUV. By renting them through the RentService service, you can be sure that you will receive a comfortable, clean and fully fueled car in the desired configuration and in a completely serviceable condition. If your group, which goes on a trip, has several drivers, all of them can be entered into the rental agreement. This service is provided free of charge, and on long trips it is much more convenient and safer when you can drive in shifts.

You can rent a car through the RentService24 service for group and individual trips. There are models in our catalog for any request and for any period. All you need to do is go to our website, choose the car you like and send a booking request.