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Hire and car rental in Ukraine

A car gives a person mobility, comfort and independence. Without it, you will have to spend time and energy traveling in public transport or money to pay for taxi services if you need to transport any goods, quickly get to the airport, railway or bus station, going on a trip or to meet business partners. If you do not have a personal car, as well as in the event of a breakdown or inability to use it for another reason, for example, having arrived in another city for business or leisure, not by car, but by train or plane, cheap car rental without deposit in Ukraine will help you. In recent years, this service has become increasingly popular in our country, and the help of RentService24 international service makes it even more profitable and affordable.

How to make a car rental in Ukraine on RentService24 service

Today, dozens of companies provide car rental services in Ukraine, it is quite difficult to choose the most suitable one for renting a car in a city. Our task is to help you make your choice. We do not give out cars, but only collect for you the most advantageous offers from companies that provide cars for rent in Ukraine, making it possible to book the right car.

The procedure for using the service is quite simple. You need:

  • add to the filter, located at the top of the page, the city and the place where it is more convenient for you to pick up the car, as well as the date, time of the beginning and end of the rental - and click on the "Find a Car" button;
  • by going to the page where offers from rental companies are listed, select a car rental model in this city of Ukraine and press the "Select" button;
  • On the new page, where you will automatically go to, several offers of the chosen car from different companies will be given. Carefully study and compare the terms of the lease in each of the companies, select the appropriate landlord - and click "Select";
  • on the next page you can order additional services and equipment, and above the “Place an order” button you will see the rental price and the amount of the deposit;
  • click on the “Place an order” button and fill out the online application form, attaching copies of the required documents to it;
  • after sending the application, wait for confirmation on booking a car.

The confirmation received at the email address indicated in the application must be printed and presented together with other documents upon receipt of the machine.

Advantages of RentService24 for car rental in Ukraine

If you are interested in car rental in Ukraine, our international service is the best place where you can do it quickly and profitably. Our main competitive advantages:

  • sample opportunities to choose the right car: we have presented offers from various rental companies that provide rental cars in Ukraine at more than 500 rental locations;
  • affordable rental price: we select only the best deals. By setting “Cheap first” in the filter when choosing a car, you can choose the most suitable price option;
  • a large amount of information about cars and rental companies, which helps to make the right choice;
  • online customer support around the clock, seven days a week, help service consultants in choosing a car.

Using our service, you can not waste time browsing many sites, quickly picking up a car rental in Ukraine at the best price.

Prices for car rental in Ukraine through RentService24 service

When booking a car on our service, you do not pay additional commissions and payments. The rental price is affected only by:

  • class of the selected car, its make and model;
  • a set of additional services (unlimited travel, car return in another city or after hours) and equipment (navigator, DVR, child seat and other devices);
  • rental duration: the daily rental price decreases with increasing rental period;
  • availability of deposit: it allows you to rent a car on more favorable terms.

Book a car rental in Ukraine with reservation and payment online on our service - and get a discount of up to 20%, depending on the rental conditions in each company!