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The main points of pick-up in Kiev

Car rental in Kiev

A personal vehicle is an indispensable assistant for a modern person, it gives comfort, freedom of movement and unlimited mobility, but its main benefit is a significant time saving. It is for these reasons that car rental in Ukraine has become a very popular service in recent years. It is especially popular in large cities like Kiev, Dnieper, Odessa, Kharkov and other megacities.

Transport in Kiev may be needed to perform completely different tasks:

  • for business trips;
  • for tourism;
  • to meet relatives or business partners at the airport or train station;
  • for personal travel in the event of a malfunction of your own car.

Of course, you can use a taxi, but when it comes to the capital, the rates for its services will be quite high, and the comfort will leave much to be desired. It is much more convenient and simpler to solve all of the above tasks to rent a car in Kiev and use it at your own discretion. You can choose a car taking into account the purpose of the trip, cost and availability of additional services. The aggregator of RentService24 offers will help you find a reliable car rental in the capital.

How to choose the right car rental

For your trip, regardless of its purpose, to be successful and comfortable, you need to be able to choose the right car rental in Kiev. There are several effective search methods.

  1. Announcements in social networks and on the capital's Internet portals. A lot of advertisements about renting a vehicle are placed on these resources, but for the most part, even the best-priced offers upset with a complete lack of quality service and do not provide car insurance. In the case of vehicle rental, it is insurance that is a more powerful argument than low cost, since it is a guarantee of the safety of the renter and his passengers. Based on this criterion for choosing a car rental, you should not deal with private owners and dubious firms that do not provide insurance.
  2. "Word of mouth". You can ask friends and colleagues about car rental services in the capital. It's good if one of them has already used the services of such companies and was 100% satisfied with them, but this option works very rarely, because you and your friends may not have the same requirements for the service, for the cost of rental and the condition of the car.
  3. A special site that contains the most advantageous offers from various rental companies. If you are interested in car rental in Dnipro, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine, contact RentService24 for help. The site contains offers from 500 verified rental points.

How to rent a car

To rent a car in Kiev, you can come to the office of the rental company and fill out all the necessary documents or apply online. The second option is more convenient and popular, because it saves time. It is quite simple to use it.

  1. Go to the site of the aggregator, choose a car of a suitable class, carefully study the technical characteristics of the vehicle and the features of its operation.
  2. Fill out an application for rent. In it, you must indicate the place of delivery of the transport, the date and time of delivery / return.
  3. Send a request and wait for the landlord to send a booking confirmation to your email address specified in the request. The answer comes within an hour. In the absence of the selected car, the lessor can offer an equivalent replacement, or the aggregator will send your application to other car rentals. And already from them new proposals will appear on your e-mail.

After these actions, it remains to wait for the booked car at the selected rental point or at the agreed pick-up point at the specified time.

Terms and Conditions

A car for rent in Kiev is provided to all persons over the age of 23, who have more than 2 years of driving experience behind them. If a premium car is issued, the driver must be at least 25 years old. If less than 2 years have passed since the date of issue of the driver's license, some car rentals still issue transport, but subject to payment at an increased rate.

To arrange a rental, you must have the following documents with you:

  • a driver's license that will be valid in Ukraine or an international driver's license;
  • valid passport of a citizen of Ukraine or ID-card;
  • a valid bank card issued for the main driver or a certain amount of cash, which will act as a deposit for the car.

The list of documents may differ for different car rental companies, it must be clarified in advance.

Car rental in Kiev is possible with or without a driver. A car can be issued for any period:

  • daily;
  • for a week;
  • for a month;
  • longer term.

The longer the rental period, the more favorable its daily price.

You can pay for services in cash, bank cards or by recalculation. During the issue of the car, the rental company collects a deposit from the client, which will cover the franchise, possible fines for traffic violations, refueling and other expenses. The deposit can be paid in cash or it is blocked on the client's bank card. Unlocking and refunding of funds occurs within 2 weeks from the moment the vehicle is returned to the car rental.

How to make a booking

There are several methods of booking a car with a rental company.

  • By calling the phone number listed on the website;
  • By filling out an online form (often discounts are given for online booking on the site);
  • By contacting the online support chat;
  • By visiting the car rental office in person.

If you have any difficulties in choosing the necessary car, car rental managers will help you with the choice, specifying the details of the trip and the purpose of the visit to the capital.

If the client wants to change the booking conditions, he needs to notify the aggregator by e-mail even before processing the documents. After receiving the car, it is necessary to resolve the issue of changing the terms of cooperation directly with the rental company.

Price formation

The cost of car rental in Kiev depends on many factors.

  1. The class of the car and its brand. Renting an economy class car in Kiev (especially on mechanics) will cost significantly less than renting business class cars and SUVs.
  2. Lease term. The more it is, the less pay per day.
  3. Additional services. Additionally, you can pay for the installation of a GPS-navigator, a child seat in the car, delivery of the car on non-working days or exceeding the permissible mileage.
  4. Place of delivery / return of the vehicle. It is cheaper to rent a car if its transfer is carried out at the rental point.
  5. Method of payment. For cashless payments, some car rentals provide discounts.
  6. Availability of collateral. Without it, the daily rental price rises.

How to choose transport for the city

The most popular now is the middle class car rental in Kiev, but depending on the purpose of the trip, other options can be chosen, especially since the market offers a wide range of vehicles of different price levels:

  • economy;
  • middle;
  • business;
  • off-road vehicles;
  • minibuses and minivans;
  • premium.

You can choose a car that runs on different types of fuel and with any amount of horsepower under the hood. Car rental companies can offer models for any customer requirements and for completely different purposes.

  • Minivans, minibuses. Perfect for those who are planning trips with a large company or transporting things;
  • Sedans. The classic option for business and family trips;
  • Crossovers. Combination of comfort and increased safety;
  • SUVs. This vehicle is ready for any challenge. Great for out-of-town travel;
  • Station wagons. Mainly a car for family trips;
  • Hatchbacks. A great option for leisurely city trips in tight parking spaces.

To choose the optimal model for city driving, you need to pay attention to the tactical and technical characteristics of the vehicle and the conditions of its rental.

  1. Space. For a comfortable and rewarding ride, the vehicle must be spacious. It must have enough space for all passengers and baggage to be carried.
  2. Duration of travel. If a lot of trips are planned during the day, it is advisable to consider car rental in Kiev with unlimited mileage. For daily bookings, the mileage limit is usually up to 300 km / day.
  3. Place of issue. Car rentals deliver cars to any point convenient for the client. It is most profitable to pick it up and bring it directly to the rental point, but people who have come to the capital from other cities and countries may find it more convenient to get transport at the airport or train station, despite the fact that the total cost of services in this case will slightly increase.
  4. Checkpoint. The choice of transmission also matters when planning a city trip. It is important to choose a transmission that is comfortable for the driver. It can be either a mechanic or an automatic machine.

Car pick-up location

The client chooses a convenient place for picking up a car at the stage of forming a booking request. This could be:

  • office of the rental company;
  • any of the capital's airports (Boryspil, Kiev Zhulyany);
  • raillway station;
  • any address in the city and region (optional, not for all rental companies).

Delivery of cars to the airport or train station at a clearly appointed time is especially popular. This is convenient in such cases:

  • meeting of the delegation;
  • delivery of people from the hotel to the airport or train station;
  • meeting close people, if you cannot do it yourself;
  • reception of business partners.

Also, this place of delivery of a car is indicated by people who came to the capital on a business trip. It is much more convenient to immediately get into a rented car from the plane than to drive around the city with things in a taxi or public transport in search of a rental point.

At the time of receipt of the vehicle, it must be carefully inspected for damage, so that subsequently there are no complaints about the condition of the vehicle after its return. The car must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered - serviceable, clean and with a full tank of fuel. If there is not enough gasoline or gas, the refueling amount will be withdrawn by the company from the deposit.

To return the car, it is not necessary to bring it to the place of issue. By prior arrangement with the car rental, it can be left in any place convenient for the tenant. If there is a need to return the car before the agreed time, you need to immediately notify the rental company, because many of them return the payment for unused days. This question needs to be clarified during the booking and collection of the vehicle

Benefits of renting through the portal

Car rental in Kiev through the RentService24 service has a number of advantages.

  • You significantly save time on booking a car, because you do not need to look for a reliable company and favorable conditions on different sites, all the most suitable offers according to your stated criteria are collected on a single service;
  • A large assortment of cars allows you to choose a model of any class from a variety of available options, because the service collects vehicle data from more than 5 hundred car rentals;
  • Convenient and informative interface of the site allows you to quickly find the necessary information both about the car itself and about the conditions of its rental. The service is equipped with convenient filters, setting which, it is easy to compare the conditions of car rental in order to find the most optimal option;
  • At the service, you can choose a car for rent at a reasonable cost, without paying additional commissions. If you book and pay for services online, an additional discount of up to 20% is provided, depending on the car brand;
  • Car rental service consultants help with choosing the right model around the clock 24/7;
  • The car is delivered to the client at a convenient date, time and place. It will be completely serviceable, clean and with a full fuel tank.

To rent a car in Kiev, go to the RentService24 service catalog, choose the model you like and send a booking request. If necessary, our consultants will always help you choose the best class and brand of car!