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Terms of use for online booking service

Attention! Having started working with the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site), you automatically agree to the rules for its use, so carefully read the information below. In addition, each time resorting to the services of the Site, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the current version of these rules.

General information

  1. The site allows you to book cars online. On the Site, any illegal actions related to pre-ordering a car (fake reservations, receiving data on offers of rental companies, etc.) are prohibited. Using the online service, you agree to comply with all the rules indicated on it.
  2. The site provides an opportunity to book cars from different distributors. RentService24 Company is not the owner or manager of any of the companies represented on the Site.
  3. The rules below are not a car rental agreement. Such a document is drawn up at the time of receipt of the vehicle between the rental company and the lessee.
  4. Each rental agent presented on the Site has its own conditions for car rental and insurance, as well as requirements for tenants. You can familiarize yourself with them when choosing a specific car online on the Site.
  5. Booking a specific vehicle on the Site, you accept all the rental conditions for a particular rental company. Responsibility for changes in the conditions presented on the Site is entirely and completely borne by the distributor company of your choice.
  6. The prices for car rental on the Site are specified in US dollars (USD) by default. If you wish, you can choose a different currency - prices will be automatically converted at the current rate on the day of booking the car.


  1. Note! In the vast majority of cases, a specific car model can be booked on the Site. But sometimes the system can only issue the selected machine class, so always specify this parameter.

If the car model you need is available for the selected distributor, the system will issue it. If at the moment the offer is not available, the system will automatically select the model you need from another rental company for the same price. If there are no offers for a specific car model at all, you will be given a list of cars of a similar class or a class higher (rarely, a lower class).

  1. Before booking a vehicle, carefully read the information provided about it, as well as the terms of its rental with the rental agent of your choice. Different companies have different conditions and requirements. After making a reservation, you automatically agree to fulfill them.
  2. Most rental companies provide rental cars for drivers aged 21 to 75 years. But sometimes age restrictions may be different, so carefully read this information.
  3. When booking, be sure to state as accurately as possible such data: car rental period, flight number, city and specific rental location, time of arrival and receipt of the car. If at the time of booking any of these data are unknown, inform them at least 7 days before receiving the vehicle by calling RentService24's contact phone number or writing an e-mail to the address indicated on the Website. RentService24 is not responsible for the failure of the transaction in case of untimely or inaccurate provision of the specified information by the tenant.
  4. All information about additional rental conditions and equipment included in the cost of renting a car is indicated in the sections of the Site "Rental Conditions" and "Selecting Extras".
  5. When filling out the personal data form when booking a car, be sure to include in the "Comment" field all important additional information: a desire to rent a GPS-navigator, a child car seat or a roof mount, an intention to leave a rented car outside the country or give it to a rental point, different from the point of receipt, the need to deliver a car to a specific address, etc.

Booking Confirmation

  1. After filling out and submitting a reservation request for a car, the rental company, as a rule, confirms / rejects it within an hour or offers an alternative. If the application is rejected by the distributor of your choice, the system sends it to the rest of the rental companies presented on the Site. If an offer satisfying your needs is found, you will receive a notification about this by e-mail. The status of your order can be monitored in the "My Order" section of your account.
  2. In order to guaranteedly avoid various difficulties with booking the car you need, try to book it as soon as possible before the date you need.
  3. If you must receive the car within 5 days or less from the time of booking, your application will take priority. Please note: prior to confirming your reservation, your application on the Site does not guarantee the receipt of the vehicle of your choice.
  4. When booking a car 6 or more months before the start of the rental, a change in its value is possible. In this case, the rental agent will contact you before final confirmation of the reservation for a detailed discussion of this issue.
  5. After registering a car rental, a confirmation voucher will be sent to you by e-mail from the dealer, written out in the name of the main driver. It will need to be printed, carefully examined the information contained in it and presented to the representative of the rental company upon receipt of the car.

Changing reservation conditions

  1. If there is a need to change the conditions of the reservation, write about this to Please note: RentService24 cannot guarantee a positive response to a request for such changes.
  2. After receiving the ordered car, you can no longer make changes to the conditions of his reservation. This can only be done by the renter from whom you rented a car.

Cancel Reservation

  1. An application for canceling a reservation must be sent to the email address, and from the same email address from which the car was ordered. In the request, it is necessary to indicate the reservation number, your full name and date of birth. Also, the cancellation of the order can be carried out through the “My order” section of your personal account.
  2. If you cancel your reservation, the confirmation voucher is canceled.

Rent payment

  1. Methods of paying for a car rental for different distributors differ. Settlement can be made in cash, credit or debit bank cards. Specify this information in advance.
  2. Payment of rent, selected additional services and equipment is made at the time of receipt of the car directly to the rental agent.
  3. At the time of issuing the car, the rental company blocks on your credit card or takes in cash the amount covering the deductible, possible fines for traffic violations, refueling, etc. If during the rental of the car such expenses did not follow, the renter unlocks the amount of the deposit within, as a rule, 2 weeks from the moment the vehicle is returned. In case of additional costs, the dealer will withdraw the appropriate amount from your card.
  4. Payment for a rented car is carried out only in hryvnias. If you have a credit card in another currency, consider the additional costs associated with converting currencies at the current rate on the day the machine was received and the bank's commission for this operation. RentService24 is not responsible for the discrepancy between the price indicated on the Site and the amount withdrawn from your card due to currency fluctuations.

Getting a car

  1. When you receive a rented car for your use, you must provide the following documents to the selected rental company:
    • A printed confirmation voucher issued in the name of the main driver. Please note that for failure to provide this document, the tenant may charge an additional fee.
    • The driver’s license, relevant to the country of car rental, issued in the country of residence of the main driver at least 2 years before the start of the rental. Attention! Some rental companies require an international driver license (IDP). Check this information in advance.
    • Valid internal passport or ID card.
    • A valid bank credit card owned by the main driver, or the amount of cash agreed upon in the lease.
    • Other documents indicated in the confirmation voucher.
  2. If you cannot arrive at the pick-up point at the agreed time, you must inform RentService24 about this.
  3. If the dealer refused to issue the rented car because of your delay (anyway, for whatever reason) or the absence of any documents indicated in the confirmation voucher, RentService24 does not bear any responsibility in this case, and you cannot count on any or compensation.
  4. If you arrive at the car pick-up point outside the rental hours, it is imperative that you provide the flight number.

Change in rental period after receiving the vehicle

  1. If there is a need to return the car earlier than agreed upon in the lease term, be sure to inform the distributor in advance. Keep in mind that some rental companies do not return money for unused rental days. Specify this question when making a reservation or receiving a car.
  2. For extending the lease term after receiving the car, the renter usually charges an additional fee in accordance with the prices relevant for the lease renewal period.

Additional options

Franchise protection, deposit insurance (Super CDW), rental without collateral and other additional options are designed to compensate for the possible financial losses of the dealer and save you from unnecessary worries in case of unforeseen situations during the rental car. Specify their presence and features in advance. The selection and payment of such options are made at the time of receipt of the car.

Other conditions

  1. Use of the RentService24 company name for commercial purposes is possible only with its written permission.
  2. RentService24 is an intermediary between the tenant and the rental agent of his choice and is not a party to the lease agreement concluded between them. In this regard, RentService24 is not liable for any problems or misunderstandings arising between the parties to the lease.
  3. If you want to leave feedback on the operation of our Site or any distributor, use the feedback form in the "Contact Us" section.
  4. Send any complaints or complaints to They will be reviewed within 28 days of receipt.

Update date: 12/17/2020