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The main points of pick-up in Odessa

Hire and car rental in Odessa

Car rental - a common service in many countries - is becoming popular in Ukraine. Car rental is especially in demand in large cities such as Odessa, where a large number of Ukrainians and foreign guests arrive every day to come to see the sights of the city, relax on the seashore or on a business trip. Car rental in Odessa, which does not have a metro, is the best way to ensure freedom, comfort of movement and independence from public transport. This service is often used by Odessa residents, for example, if their car breaks down. With the help of our international service, you can book a rental car in Odessa profitably for any date and time.

How to order a car rental in Odessa using RentService24

Our service does not provide rental cars - we only collect for you the most favorable offers from companies with the best conditions and prices for car rental in Odessa. So that you can quickly select and book the car you need, first of all, you need to determine the exact date and time when you want to take the car into use and plan to return it to the lessor, as well as with a convenient place for the car to be delivered to you. All this information must be entered in the auto search form, located at the top of the site. It should be borne in mind that:

  • picking up a rented car is better in the office of a rental company if you want to arrange a cheap car rental in Odessa. Its submission to the place you specify at many companies is a paid service;
  • You can order a car in Odessa to the central bus station, railway station, airport or at the specified address;
  • receiving and returning a car is better planned on business days, since the provision of these services on weekends and holidays for many companies is for an additional payment.

After filling out the search form, click on the button “Find a car” and, having gone to the page where all the rental cars in Odessa are offered, offered by different companies on the days indicated by you, select the right make and model of car, as well as the landlord company that offers acceptable rental conditions . When choosing a car, consider:

  • his class;
  • cabin and trunk capacity;
  • type of fuel used and its consumption per 100 km of track;
  • type of transmission - choose a car with the usual gearbox for you;
  • complete set;
  • year of issue.

When choosing a car rental supplier in Odessa, carefully study the rental conditions from each company if there are more than one offers. Pay attention to the following points:

  • age requirements;
  • amount of security;
  • daily rental price;
  • availability of insurance;
  • what documents will be required for registration of a rental car in Odessa;
  • daily mileage included in the price of the service and other conditions.

After choosing a machine and a supplier, decide on the need to order additional services and devices, fill out and send an application. Be sure to wait for the confirmation of your application by the company - it will arrive within an hour at the email address you specified. This document is needed when drawing up a contract for car rental in Odessa, at the company’s office.

Advantages of RentService24 service for car rental in Odessa

Ordering a car rental in Odessa easily and quickly is possible at our service. The main advantages of booking a car with us:

  • a wide selection of interesting and profitable car rental offers in Odessa at the best price from leading design companies;
  • simple design of the site containing all the necessary information for choosing the right car and rental company;
  • the absence of a fee for the services of the service, transparent formation of the rental price, which includes only the tariffs of the rental company without hidden overpayments and commissions;
  • help consultants in choosing a machine 24/7.

Booking a car on our service will save your time, because you do not have to browse dozens of sites, and you will find all the necessary information with us, you can compare rental conditions and prices from different suppliers of cars and choose an acceptable option.

Car rental prices in Odessa at RentService24

The formation of prices for car rental in Odessa is influenced by:

  • car class, its brand - the rental price per day depends on them;
  • rental period: when renting for a longer time, the daily cost is reduced;
  • way to order a car: when booking online, the basic rate for different companies is reduced by 10 - 20%;
  • the presence of deposit - some companies offer cars without deposit or with a franchise of 50%, while the daily rental price increases;
  • ordering additional services and options (unlimited mileage, GPS-navigator, Wi-Fi router and others).

If you need a cheap car rental in Odessa, order it online on our service, picking up an economy class car and making a full deposit!