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The main points of pick-up in Odessa

Rent a car in Odessa

More than 4 million people visit the southern city of Odessa every year. Among them are foreigners (Turks, Israelis, Estonians, Germans, residents of the former Soviet republics) and citizens of our country. The overwhelming majority of guests get to the city by plane, train or bus, therefore such a service as car rental in Odessa is highly developed in the region. People come here for colorful impressions, for health improvement, for study and, of course, for solving business issues.

The city is interesting for its unique atmosphere, which does not depend in any way on the season, internal relaxation and freedom of local residents, their hospitality and skillful wit. Here you will be taught to find melody in the dimmest situations of life and to enjoy every day. Even in winter, it is worth coming here in order to:

  • calmly enjoy the architecture, take good photos and stroll along the cozy streets;
  • see the beauty of the ice-covered coastline and recharge with impressions for the whole winter;
  • visit museums, exhibitions, concerts, other cultural and ceremonial events, the number of which exceeds 2000 per year;
  • drive through the Odessa region with many protected areas. True, for this you will need to rent an off-road car.

In addition to the resort center, Odessa is gradually becoming the real IT capital of Ukraine. Many companies are concentrated here, for work in which new people constantly come on business trips to improve their qualifications.

One cannot but recall the famous seaport, the largest enterprise in the region, which has become a kind of "open-air museum". Since the movement by public transport is associated with inconveniences, it is worth renting a car in Odessa, so as not to depend on the schedules and timetables of movement, and not to rush anywhere.

Prices and conditions of car rental in Odessa

The service of large Ukrainian rental companies operates in accordance with international standards. The average price per day of use is from $ 18 when ordering for a month, depending on the class of the car, start date, location, method of payment, availability of a deposit. For long-term rentals, early booking, the cost is reduced. In addition, companies often announce promotions for specific models or discounts of up to 15% when paying online, and also offer preferential terms to regular customers. It is easy to find out the approximate cost: enter the city, the time period and the selected car model in the form.

According to the requirements of insurance companies, a potential tenant must meet the following conditions:

  • have a driving experience of more than 2 years (when renting premium vehicles - more than 5 years);
  • be at least 23 years old (for renting expensive models - 25 years old).

If the client has not yet reached the required age, but really wants to arrange a car rental in Odessa, some companies can meet halfway by increasing the amount of the deposit or by offering a car with a driver. Sometimes companies may request additional documents that are not included in the specified list.

In addition to the documents listed above, you must have a bank card or cash to deposit funds as a deposit (franchise), which will be returned to you after the car is returned. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the class of the rented car and can be reduced by purchasing additional insurance by the renter. As a rule, the rental price includes CDW and TLP, but you can additionally reduce the amount of liability by 5 times if you take a vehicle without collateral. Option available:

  • for clients over 23 years old with a driving experience of 2 years;
  • for a rental period of at least three days.

Be careful, such pleasant options as: car delivery to the office, hotel, calling the manager outside of working hours, etc., increase the total amount.

What cars are available

In a large seaside city with a lot of attractions, your own vehicle is no longer a luxury and turns into an urgent need. Ukrainian and international rental companies offer vacationers a large selection of new, modern, technically sound cars with a full tank and a clean interior. Depending on the needs and habits, the client has the opportunity to choose:

  • different class and mileage - from economical city cars to premium SUVs, electric cars and convertibles, completely new or slightly used;
  • comfortable gearbox - mechanic or automatic;
  • gasoline or diesel engine.

In general, car rental in Ukraine is represented by the most popular brands. As a rule, the largest car fleets are owned by large international companies, but Ukrainian distributors also have something to offer tenants:

  • economy class - Skoda, Ford, Renault, Chevrolet, Seat, Hyundai, Daewoo, Citroen and some others. The models combine ease of operation, an economical engine, a small interior and a fairly roomy trunk;
  • medium - Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Skoda, Ford, Mazda and other cars with an attractive and elegant design, clear control, comfortable interior for solving everyday tasks;
  • business - Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford cars with ultramodern design and premium level of comfort. A smooth ride, excellent handling and a powerful engine will ensure your business success;
  • minivan - Renault, Mercedes, Peugeot, Volkswagen spacious and maneuverable minibuses with a well-thought-out system of embarking / disembarking passengers. Great for airport transfers and long-distance excursions;
  • SUV - Toyota, Suzuki, Kia, Mazda, Honda, Skoda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and other brands of compact or full-size crossovers for everyday use, off-road trips to remote corners of the region. High ground clearance, excellent driving characteristics, powerful engines will give you an unforgettable experience;
  • premium - Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover - large and luxurious cars for those who value convenience on the road. Powerful, but almost silent engines, ultra-comfortable interiors, the most modern electronic equipment;
  • commercial - hard workers Renault and Volkswagen will help you purchase goods, pick them up from the sea or airport and take them to their destination;
  • electric cars - Nissan and Tesla are luxurious, reliable high-quality cars for connoisseurs of technologies of the future;
  • convertible - a great option for summer photo sessions, romantic dates, weddings, other celebrations, it is Audi or Ford. The attention of all passers-by is guaranteed to you.

Daily car rental in Odessa is a direct benefit for customers, as in the end it will be much cheaper than regular taxi orders.

Due Date

Since car rental allows you to solve many problems, rental periods vary from 1 day (for most companies) to a year or even longer. In order to avoid further misunderstandings, the tenant must carefully study all the requirements and working conditions of a particular company, and also ask its employee a maximum of questions of interest before signing the contract. If the due date is not specifically reflected in the documents, ask for the appropriate changes.

The lease must be completed within the time period clearly indicated by the contract, while the car can be returned in any of the ways specified in the company's operating conditions. In addition, if necessary, the service life of the car can be extended by you. The renewal rules are on the website of each company.

As a rule, companies charge a fee for every full day of using the vehicle, so if the renter delays the delivery of the car (for no good reason), an additional payment will be charged. Try to take into account the situation on the roads and arrive at the pick-up point (or a place agreed in advance) on time so as not to pay for an extra day. If you want to return the car earlier, money for the unused time may not be returned (depending on the working conditions of a particular company).

Documents for registration of the lease

In order to rent a car, Ukrainian citizens need to have with them:

  • driver's license;
  • passport or official permit for temporary residence in our country;
  • identification code (optional).

Foreigners present the national passport of their country and an international driver's license, in which the data is written in Latin script.

The lease of vehicles by legal entities solves a lot of the most important problems: organization of the work process, meeting of partners, business trips in Ukraine and much more. As a rule, VAT is already included in the price, which allows you to optimize the taxation of your company and provides for the possibility of non-cash payment. To start cooperation you need:

  • choose a suitable distributor and vehicle model in the catalog;
  • send the registration documents of the company to the email address of the rental company;
  • receive (usually within an hour) an invoice, a contract, an act of acceptance / transfer of the car;
  • pick up the car at the pick-up point or pick it up at the specified address.

Reliable car rental in Odessa for small, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises is a minimum of risks and worries, primarily due to full insurance (TLP, CDW). You get a new (maximum age up to 5 years) vehicle in good technical condition for the required period, which can be driven by any employee of the company (driving experience from 2 years, age from 23 years).

Rentservice24 Benefits

If you are going to visit Odessa for a business or tourist purpose, you can browse the sites of different rental companies for a very long time, comparing prices and conditions, or you can simply use the Rentservice24 aggregator, where:

  • the proposals of the most reliable lessors with large fleets of cars of different classes, brands, models, capacity, control systems and cost were selected;
  • in a comfortable environment, choose the best rental conditions for yourself, comparing the services included in the price;
  • get acquainted with a large amount of information on specific models, manufacturers;
  • using intuitive filters to choose a vehicle with a suitable configuration, price, or entrust the choice to the site staff;
  • get round-the-clock qualified online support from anywhere in the world;
  • book a car outside Ukraine, for example, in Bulgaria or the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the extensive network of rental offices, it is possible to rent a car at the Kharkiv airport and return the car at the sea or railway station of Odessa (the so-called one-way rental - "One way"). It is enough just to indicate this when drawing up the documents. In addition, when booking online using our aggregator, you can immediately order:

  • additional equipment - a child car seat, roof mount, navigator or WI-FI, in winter - snow chains, some distributors offer GoPro action cameras with a full set of accessories, other devices;
  • additional services - refueling, concierge service, additional insurance, delivery and return after office hours or at the wrong address of the rental office, unlimited mileage.

If for some reason you do not want to drive the car on your own, order the "Driver services" option. As a rule, each large company has a staff of professional employees who know the city and the region perfectly, will be able to take you along the shortest route, or vice versa: to show all the most beautiful and interesting.

The journey can begin right at the door of the sea, air or railway station: the car you booked will be delivered at the right time (company employees track changes in schedules), so you can immediately hit the road. A return service is also available at a pre-agreed place, which is very convenient for businessmen. In a word, the Rentservice24 aggregator gives its users advantages in saving all resources, convenience and image preservation.