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Car rental in the USA

Regardless of nationality and citizenship, car rental in the US is available to people over 23 years old (but some car rental companies charge an additional fee if you are under 25 years old), who have: a credit card for a deposit (debit card is not suitable), an international driver's license and a passport with a valid visa at the time of the transaction.

It is worth choosing the right vehicle in advance using the services of aggregator sites, so renting a car in the USA will be much cheaper, and you will definitely get what you ordered. The RentService24 website allows you to compare offers from different companies in a couple of clicks and choose the best option.

Car rental in the USA online: step by step instructions

It doesn’t matter which state or city you want to rent a vehicle in, the selection and registration process is the same:

  • choose the city you need on the main page of RentService24;
  • get acquainted with the results selected by the system, which are sorted by default from the best offer;
  • in cases where the tenant has specific wishes (budget, gearbox, body type, etc.), mark them in the list of options and the offers will be updated;
  • carefully read the conditions under which a particular company provides car rental, as they vary for all agencies;
  • after the final choice, press "book";
  • if necessary, immediately add additional options and services from the list proposed by the agency;
  • click on the "go to booking" button and once again carefully study the details;
  • fill in the details about the driver, leave the order and receive a booking confirmation by e-mail.

Everything, the booking procedure is completed. All you have to do on the appointed day is to personally appear at the car rental and get the car. Do not be upset if the agency does not have the car you reserved - according to the rules, in this case, the employee is obliged to offer the tenant another vehicle in class, or maybe a higher class.

A few tips for newbies

Although it is very easy to rent a car in the USA, heed the advice of experienced travel drivers:

  • carefully study the contract, reading each sentence carefully. Feel free to refuse additional services that you do not need;
  • book your car in advance to get the best price. If you pull to the last, you will have to choose only from the expensive segment;
  • rental offices that are located directly in the airport building may offer higher prices than rental offices in the city;
  • learn American traffic rules;
  • when booking, start not from the cost, but from the conditions. Sometimes an overpayment ends up being much more profitable and economical than a cheaper offer.

Important! The offices of rental companies may not be located at the airports themselves, but nearby. Then you will first have to find a parking lot for shuttles that will take you to your destination for free.

Car rental in the USA: useful life hacks

The United States of America is a very beautiful, large country, which seems to be specially created for traveling by car. Renting a car in the USA will help you enjoy the beauties of nature, visit large cities and the outback, making your own map of impressions. For a successful trip:

  • rent a car from a local company - it's cheaper that way;
  • for long trips, choose large, powerful, comfortable SUV or full size cars, otherwise you will quickly get tired;
  • self-confident, experienced drivers have enough standard insurance, and for beginners it is better to take a few additional ones;
  • you can not order a navigator, but download offline maps in advance to your phone or purchase a SIM card from a local operator and use Google maps;
  • In the United States, three types of fuel are sold, which one to fill in is written on the gas tank cap. You can pay for fuel in cash or by credit card (at some gas stations it is cheaper in cash);
  • American traffic rules are slightly different from European ones, and information about the amount of a fine for a specific violation is indicated on road signs and varies depending on the state;
  • for parking, choose covered multi-level parking lots. They are cheaper and safer. If you had to leave the car in the open, take everything of value with you, and hide things in the trunk;
  • US car rental prices are based on full days. If you are late with the return by more than an hour and a half, you will have to pay for the next day.

If you want to rent a vehicle in America for the first time, choose places far from major cities - there are wider roads and less traffic.

Car rental and fraud cases

Although such a service as car rental in the United States has been popular for many years and in most cases does not cause any complaints, one should not lose vigilance. We talk about the most common types of fraud that small rental companies commit (large companies do not need to play dishonestly - reputation is more expensive):

  • the most important clauses of the contract are printed in the smallest possible print or deliberately hidden among secondary information. Do not be lazy to carefully read the documents and ask the manager about all the doubtful points;
  • demand that all scratches, dents, chips, and other damage inside and outside the car be fixed in the contract. Accept and return the vehicle only in the presence of the rental manager;
  • car rental in the US, as in Europe, can be with limited or unlimited mileage. Dishonest distributors are silent about the restrictions, but they always charge a fee for exceeding the limit.

If you do not want to be deceived, do not chase imaginary savings and give preference to large rental agencies that have proven themselves well over the years. RentService24 employees are ready to advise you on any issues and help you choose a reliable company.