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The main points of pick-up in Lviv

Hire and car rental in Lviv

In many countries of the world, car rental has long been one of the most popular services. It is also in demand in Ukraine, especially in large cities and tourist centers such as Lviv. Most often, people who come from far away to rest as tourists or on a business trip rent cars. Local residents can also use this service, for example, in the event of a car breakdown or if they want to impress business partners, as well as small companies that are more profitable to rent a car than to spend money on its purchase and maintenance. Car rental in Lviv will provide mobility and comfort of movement, allow you to freely plan your time without reference to the work of public transport. Book a car rental in Lviv can be advantageously on our service.

Car rental in Lviv: how to choose and book a car at RentService24

RentService24 international car rental service is the first Ukrainian aggregator of offers from companies providing car rental services. With us you will always find the most profitable and affordable car rental options in Lviv from leading rental companies. Any person who can:

  • has reached 21 years of age (some companies, for example, NarsCars, give out car rental only to people over 23 years old, so before sending a reservation request you need to carefully read the rental conditions of the selected lessor);
  • has a driver's license;
  • drives a car for at least 2 years.

On our service you can book the car you need, and get it at the office of a rental company in Lviv or order a car to be delivered to the airport, railway station or at any address within the city. But it should be borne in mind that in most companies, supplying a car in the city is a paid service.

To order a car rental in Lviv on the RentService24 service, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. enter in the search form located on this page a place where it will be convenient for you to pick up the car, the date and time it was received and returned. By clicking the “Find a car” button, you will be taken to the service section with offers of cars available for rent for the period you specified in different companies;
  2. choose the right make and model of car. If you are interested in cheap car rental in Lviv, choose economy class cars with a minimum rental cost per day;
  3. carefully read the rental conditions. If the car that you would like to rent offers several companies, select the company that offers the most suitable rental conditions for you, for example, lower cost or the possibility of renting without a deposit, as well as a newer and better-equipped car;
  4. order additional options - they can be unlimited mileage, return of a rented car in another city, receipt and return of a car during non-working hours, as well as rental of necessary equipment and devices;
  5. fill out a reservation request and send it to your chosen company through our service;
  6. wait for confirmation of booking. The rental company will send it to your specified e-mail within 24 hours. This confirmation must be printed out and presented, together with other documents, upon conclusion of the contract and receipt of the car.

Advantages of booking a car rental in Lviv on our service

If you want to rent a car in Lviv, it is best to do it on RentService24 international rental service. To choose and book a car of the required make and model, you do not have to review the sites of dozens of companies offering car rental services, because the most advantageous offers are already collected on our website. You just have to compare the proposed options, and choose the most suitable one. The main advantages of our service:

  • a wide range of modern, new, technically sound cars offered for rent by different companies. Here you will find any car you need: from economy class to executive cars of segment F, as well as SUVs and minivans, cars running on gasoline, diesel fuel, gas and even electric cars;
  • absolutely free services, we have no hidden fees and commissions;
  • simplicity and ease of use, simple site interface, the presence on it of a large amount of necessary information about car models and rental conditions in each company, which will help to make the right choice;
  • daily round-the-clock user support, help of consultants on any issues regarding the choice of a car, the rules for using the service and others.

Here you can order a cheap car rental in Lviv by choosing an economy class model and setting the condition “Cheap first” in the filter. In addition, when booking and paying for a car online with a credit card, rental companies offer up to 20% off the base price.

Car rental in Lviv: price of a service at RentService24

When renting a car in Lviv at our service, you only pay for the services of the lessor, so when choosing a car and a rental company, carefully read the rental conditions. Please note that the rental price depends on the following factors:

  • car rental prices per day - it depends on the class of the car, its make and model;
  • rental period - when booking for a longer period, the daily base price is reduced;
  • deposit availability - if you do not want to overpay for a rental car, it is better to make a deposit for it. The cost of renting without collateral or with a reduced franchise will cost more, since the rental company must minimize its risks;
  • ordering additional equipment (child seat, DVR, GPS-navigator, Wi-Fi router, tablet with maps and other devices), as well as additional services.

Do you want to rent a car in Lviv at a bargain price? Book it at RentService24!