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The main points of pick-up in Cologne

Popular car brands in Cologne

Five reasons to choose car rental in Cologne

Any motorist feels at ease without a car, especially if you have to move through unfamiliar areas. Having a car at hand allows you to manage your time rationally and have access to remote points of the city. Renting a car in the city of Cologne will provide mobility for both families traveling and those who make a business trip. The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  • there is no need to look for public transport stops and study their routes in order to get to the required place;
  • no need to choose a taxi service and wait for the arrival of the car;
  • the ability to overcome any distance at a convenient time;
  • affordable cost of car rental;
  • satisfaction of any requests with the chance to choose any class of car for rent.

Cologne is one of the five largest cities in Germany, so you simply cannot do without a car in it.

Where to pick up a car for rent

Arriving in a foreign country, not all travelers plan their movements in advance. One car will be required for rent immediately upon arrival in Cologne, others after a while. The car can be issued upon agreement in:

  • office of the rental company;
  • railway station;
  • airport;
  • point of the city by address.

The place of submission is specified when applying for a car rental in order to fulfill the order in a timely manner. The user can return the car to the agreed point within the city or outside it, for which an additional fee is charged. The start and end time of using the car is adjusted personally upon request when making an application, since employees of rental companies need time to prepare the car. The provision and return of the vehicle outside working hours is paid separately. Car rental in Cologne is the best alternative to public transport at an affordable price.

The list of documents for renting a car in Cologne

In order to rent a car in the city of Cologne, you will need a minimum package of documents for a motorist. Mandatory - an international or equivalent driver's license. You will have to check its legal force in Germany in advance. The driver presents a passport for internal use or a foreign one. To pay for car rental services and a security deposit, you cannot do without a bank card with a sufficient balance.

There are age restrictions for car enthusiasts who want to use car rental in Cologne. The contract is possible upon reaching the age of 23 (in some rental companies - 25 years) and upon confirmation of 2 years of driving experience. All the nuances are prescribed in the company's contract. Detailed consultations can be obtained through the chat bot of the Internet platform or by e-mail.

Car brands available for rent

The chosen car rental brand determines the comfort during the trip and the cost of it. For single travelers and couples, an economy class car is perfect. Small dimensions and modest fuel consumption make it ideal for the city. Its cost varies depending on the specific car and the number of rental days. The section contains Renault Logan, Peugeot and other popular brands.

In the middle class category, there are Volkswagen, KIA, Hyundai brands. They have a more spacious interior and more significant dimensions. Well proven for families with children and youth companies.

If you are planning trips out of town, the best option is to rent a car in Cologne from the SUV segment. Their cost will be higher. Reliability on any road and large capacity define the class as preferable for country and intercity trips.

For status clients there is a section of luxury cars for rent. Cologne is a well-known commercial center, so it will not be superfluous to emphasize the premium status for enterprising people.

It is realistic to choose a car rental remotely without visiting the office of the rental company, using a specialized Internet platform.

What you need to know when renting a car online

It is easy to select a car for rent in Cologne even before arriving in the city using filters on the Rentservice24 platform. The site displays the offers of several rental companies. Convenient platform navigation and search filters contribute to faster and more accurate selection of a vehicle according to the criteria. To apply, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • choose the place of delivery of the car from the drop-down list;
  • designate dates;
  • determine the class of the vehicle;
  • book available;
  • consider additional options;
  • enter the driver's details.

A number of additional services are available upon request for a fee. These include equipping the interior with a child car seat, without which a trip with children under 12 years old on the roads of Germany is impossible.

If it is difficult for you to determine the length of the path, it is wiser to supplement the car rental agreement with unlimited mileage, which will save you from unplanned expenses.

Visitors can install a GPS-navigator in the interior of the selected car. Some companies provide the option of renting a car in Cologne for third parties. Subject to the provision of their package of documents.

By signing a car rental agreement, the client automatically agrees to all the conditions, so carefully study the nuances. You can ask clarifying questions to consultants on the site.