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The main points of pick-up in Dresden

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Car rental in Dresden

Today, car rental in Europe is not a luxury, but one of the most comfortable and affordable ways to travel in countries with unreasonably expensive public transport. To organize a family trip, it is more profitable to rent a car and calmly, measuredly explore the local attractions of the region.

Before the trip, you should familiarize yourself with the features and rules of the rental, so as not to spoil the pleasant experience with bureaucratic clarifications.

Car rental in Dresden: conditions

Car rental is available for the driver of the age category from 23 to 75 years. In rare cases, there are exceptions, it is recommended to read the information carefully. Car rental in Dresden is possible with the following documents:

  • driver's license (date of issue no later than two years before the date of rental);
  • internal or foreign passport;
  • bank card,

If you have a driver's license from another region, you should check whether it is valid in Germany.

Where can I rent a car

Modern technologies allow you to quickly and inexpensively book a car rental in Dresden via the Internet. Car rental websites have the best offers for different countries. An excellent online service is The site has a clear interface and easy navigation. If you have any questions about renting a car it is recommended to contact the consultant via chat.

Renting the best vehicles

The website offers to choose a car for rent in Dresden, based on individual preferences. The following categories are presented:

  • economy class;
  • middle class;
  • business class;
  • SUVs.

Using the service, the client gets a unique opportunity to travel on a modern comfortable vehicle.

How to use the online car booking service

What is the cost of car rental in Dresden? This question is asked by most of our customers. The price indicator of a car for rent directly depends on the class of the car. Before using the services of the service, you should make sure that you have read the current rules. offers users the following services:

  1. Using the site, the client undertakes to comply with the rules. Booking a car rental in Dresden is available online. Illegal activities are prohibited.
  2. The site presents cars of different rental companies that are not the property of RentService24.
  3. The contract is drawn up at the time of transfer of the vehicle to the lessee by the rental company.
  4. The conditions for renting and insuring a vehicle of any rental company can be found by selecting a specific vehicle.
  5. When ordering a reservation for a specific car, the user automatically accepts the terms of the rental of the relevant rental company. In the event of changes to the conditions, the entire responsibility lies with the company chosen by the user.
  6. The site shows prices in United States dollars (USD) by default. It is possible to choose another currency, in which case the conversion will be performed automatically at the current exchange rate.

It is important to remember that when booking a car rental in Dresden, you must specify a specific model in the parameters, as in rare cases the system can only return the selected car class.

The system will show the required car model if it is available. Otherwise, a car rental from another rental company is automatically selected. In the absence of a specific brand of car, the system will provide a list of similar vehicles or a higher class (rarely a lower class). When registering a car, a security deposit is paid, which is returned upon handing over the keys to a representative of the rental company. If you do not want to leave a deposit, be sure to use the extended insurance service. In this way, you will not only reduce the amount of the deposit, but also reduce your liability risks for possible damage to the rental car.

Rent a car in Dresden

To order a car rental in Dresden, you should not look for special places. The RentService24 website provides comfortable conditions under which the client can pick up a car from anywhere in the city. The most popular of them are:

  • distributor's office;
  • railway station;
  • the airport;
  • point in the city specified by the client.

It will be more convenient for a resident of Germany to pick up a car in the city. In the case of a business trip, business issues must be resolved promptly, so the best choice would be to transfer to a comfortable car at the airport, without waiting for public transport.

In the process of registering a car rental procedure, it is necessary to take into account the “return at the same place” checkbox. That is, the tenant must return the car to the point where he received the keys. At the agreed time, a representative of the company will be waiting there. Or check with the company if you want to return the car in another place.

Car rental on advantages

Cooperating with RentService24, the user can note a number of advantages:

  • registration of car rental in Dresden in a few clicks;
  • the rental period of cars is negotiated when choosing a brand;
  • additional opportunities on the trip;
  • ordering a car with a Wi-Fi router to be in touch all the time;
  • the presence of a child seat in the car upon request;
  • unlimited mileage.

To rent a car in Dresden, it is enough to use a computer or other device. Additional information can be obtained by contacting a consultant via chat or via