Car rental at Kiev airport (Zhulyany)

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Car rental at Kiev airport (Zhuliany): the choice is yours!

Kiev Airport (Zhuliany) is the second in Ukraine in terms of the number of flights and the number of passengers received. The air gate infrastructure has three terminals serving domestic and international flights, as well as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 class business aircraft.

The airport terminal has a convenient location: it is located within the boundaries of Kiev, only 8 km southwest of the center of the capital. Despite the development of transport links, the demand for car rental services is growing. If you arrive in Kiev through the airport in Zhuliany, we recommend booking a car through

At the agreed time, the rented car will arrive in Zhulyany - from the airport you will fly to Kiev or take another route that you choose on your own, with maximum comfort.

Cars at the Kiev airport: rental benefits through RentService24

Car rental is a convenient, safe and profitable way of transportation, which is suitable for both individuals and business representatives.

A potential customer chooses the model, make and technical characteristics of the car, focusing on individual preferences. Selecting a car from the list is quite simple, indicating the place, time and date of filing and returning the car in the table on the main page of the site.

The lease provides for the signing of an agreement, which indicates not only the conditions for using the car, but also force majeure, insured events.

To arrange a car rental at the Kiev airport in Zhulyany, you must meet the following requirements:

  • the presence of a driver’s license of a generally accepted standard;
  • driving experience - from 2 years;
  • age - not younger than 21 years.

Rental conditions are quite loyal and fully adapted to the needs of a modern person. Do you want to arrange a lease for another person or extend the term of employment? You are welcome! All issues can be resolved through the website or by telephone - the RentService24 customer support service is available around the clock.

In addition to the Zhuliany airport, there are other points for renting a car in Kiev: this is any of the terminals of the Boryspil airport terminal, as well as the square near the Central Railway Station.

All-Ukrainian car rental service is chosen by people who prefer mobility, reliability and privacy.

Among the advantages of the resource:

  • an extensive database of specialized companies with a reputation in the auto loan market;
  • a wide range of classes of machines on a mechanical and automatic gearbox;
  • guarantees timely delivery of a car;
  • affordable rates;
  • transparent terms of the contract (without hidden fees and surcharges);
  • European level of service.

You can familiarize yourself with the rental conditions on the official website of RentService24. To clarify the data, please contact the manager who will answer any question you may have. Payment for services - in cash or by credit card.

You or your friends may need a car, for example, for a private trip, transfer of guests or organization of corporate leisure. Remember the contact information of RentService24 to always know where to go!