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Car rental at Lviv Airport: European service from

Car rental at the airport solves many organizational problems. When the airport terminal is located at a considerable distance from the metropolis, there is no possibility (and desire) to use a bus or taxi, and the receiving side did not organize your transfer, the question of moving to the hotel and around the city is quite acute.

The international airport named after Danila Galitsky is located at a distance of 6 km from Lviv. Car rental at the airport can be booked in advance using

Organized car rental at the Lviv airport is also relevant for individuals and organizations that are not able to use personal transport due to a breakdown or its class does not match the travel status. Car rental exchange is an individual choice of car, taking into account:

  • brands and models;
  • colors;
  • type of transmission;
  • body type;
  • type of fuel used;
  • interior trim, etc.

Car rental at the airport is a chance to see Lviv and the suburbs on your own, which will be appreciated by lovers of comfort!

Caring about saving customers time, RentService24 managers have developed a convenient and fairly simple procedure for filling out an application. You just need to familiarize yourself with the rental conditions, enter the relevant data in the standard table on the main page of the site, and then simply choose from a variety of offers that match your request.

The car will be served at the Lviv airport at the time you specify. Rental can be booked in advance. You can discuss the details in a dialogue with a customer service representative. Our service corresponds to its name, therefore it is available 24 hours a day.