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Prague is a city of Europe that is imbued with an ancient spirit, romance and even mysticism. If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of this city, then car rental in Prague is a reasonable and optimal solution. Most tourists are afraid to rent a car, because they think that it is difficult and troublesome. But this is not so! Using the RentService24 service, you can request a car rental in Prague online and get a vehicle at the airport or any other convenient place.

RentService24 benefits and booking conditions

RentService24 - a service for booking cars online. This site provides the customer with the opportunity to book vehicles from different distributors, acting as an aggregator. The prices on the website are indicated in US dollars, if you wish, you can change the currency to hryvnia, euro or rubles.

Ten Benefits of RentService24:

  1. Discussion of rental details before the trip.
  2. In the site’s catalog, you can examine and study in detail the characteristics of the car model of interest - how much it costs, color and others.
  3. Delivery of transport to the airport, railway station, rental office or any other place.
  4. Any form of payment, both in cash and by bank card.
  5. New cars with a life of up to 3 years.
  6. The service provides only insured vehicles.
  7. The price includes all additional fees.
  8. You can rent a car cheaply, without any deposit or prepayment.
  9. Employees of Czech rental companies with whom the service cooperates speak Russian and English.
  10. After working with the service, customers leave only positive reviews and note a pleasant price-quality ratio.

Transport, which is offered by our service, is divided into such classes:

  • Economy - cost from $ 28. Suitable for traveling 2-4 people with small luggage. This class is represented by Skoda, Fiat and Peugeot cars.
  • Medium - prices from $ 34. The most popular class, which has such brands as Skoda, Hyundai, Opel, Citroen, Toyota, Kia Motors.
  • Off-road vehicles and business - the cost on models of these classes is from $ 50. They are suitable for executive trips and trips out of town with a decent number of people.

The procedure for registration and rental cars in Prague

This procedure takes 30-40 minutes. The price includes tax fees, toll roads, Schengen visa insurance, navigators and technical support. You can take the car with and without a driver. For this, documents such as a passport and rights are needed. Most companies lease vehicles to people who have reached the age of 21. But, some rental companies have an individual approach to the age of the driver.

Additional reservation services

In addition to the selected car, the site offers a navigator and Wi-Fi router. Of course, for a fee from $ 6 to $ 12 per day.

Four easy ways to book and rent a car in Prague with RentService24

  1. Call us by phone.
  2. Write to [email protected]
  3. Turns into a round-the-clock online chat.
  4. Make an online reservation on the site.

Where to go on a rented car in Prague?

The capital of the Czech Republic is not only a beer tour, but also a quiet European city with significant sights. By rented transport you can go to Karlovy Vary, to Spindleruv Mlyn - the best ski resort, taste the famous Pardubnik gingerbread cookies, visit the Prague zoo and even visit a castle with ghosts. All this can be visited in one day, if you use the car rental service in Prague. She will make your trip productive and memorable.

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Features of driving and parking in Prague

Before you drive a vehicle, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rules and features of traffic in the Czech Republic.

Toll roads. Traveling around the city, you will meet toll roads. To travel through them, Czech vignette is purchased. It can be bought at the border, post office or gas station. Free roads are indicated by appropriate signs. It should be noted that travel on toll roads without permission is punishable by a fine of 5000 CZK - about 200 €.

Parking. There are four types of parking in Prague: White. Available for people with coupons. It is found in the areas of Prague-1, 2 and 3. Parking time is not limited, provided the coupons are constantly updated. Green Not long-term parking, where you can not leave the transport for longer than one hour. This is indicated by a special sign. Orange It becomes available after buying a coupon. In such a car park can stand no more than two hours. Blue For local residents and district workers who have paid an annual subscription to use this parking lot.

Speed. Within the city, it is not recommended to exceed the speed limit of 50 km/h. Outside the city and on the motorway, the limit is 90-130 km/h.

Alcohol. In this regard, the Czech Republic is quite a conservative country. The amount of alcohol in the driver’s blood should be zero. Otherwise, such fines will apply: Up to 0.3-0.4% - deprivation of rights and a fine from 2.5 to 20,000 kroons. Higher than 0.4% - deprivation of a driver’s license for 10 years and a fine in the amount of 20 to 50 thousand crowns. So, it’s better to think carefully before drinking alcohol if you are driving.

Dipped headlights. Headlamps with low beams must always be on. Fog lights only turn on when visibility is poor or foggy.

Seat belts. The driver and passengers in the rear and front seats must wear seat belts. Otherwise, a fine of 2,000 kroons is threatened.

Petrol. At gas stations in the city you can buy unleaded gasoline of 98 and 95 octane. In the capital there are gas stations for gas refueling. Fuel cost: 95 octane gasoline - from 1.65 euros. 98 octane gasoline - from 1.71 euros. DT - from 1.50 euros.

Police. Czech police officers are distinguished by a good and friendly attitude not only to the Czechs, but also to tourists. They drive around the city without flashing lights and other identification marks, looking for intruders. Speeding at 20 km / h will cost the offender a fine of 1000 kroons. Permissible error in speed - 3 km/h. In the Czech Republic, drivers unconditionally let pedestrians and cyclists pass if there is no desire to pay 2500 kroons of a fine. The same fine is supposed to travel to a prohibitory traffic signal. But do not worry too much, as minor violations of the rules, often tourists are forgiven.

To rent a car in Prague inexpensively, you need a small amount of documents, the help of RentService24 and knowledge of traffic rules.