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The city of Brno is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In size, it takes second place among the cities of the Czech Republic. The number of visiting tourists here is inferior to Prague, which makes it possible to explore all the sights in a calm and measured atmosphere. Although Brno has a well-developed transport infrastructure - public transport, buses, taxis travel, but nevertheless, the most convenient means of transportation is a car.

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Brno landmarks and national driving characteristics

Translated Brno means "armor". Once this city was a defensive fortress that repelled the attacks of enemies. Brno prides itself on such sights:

  1. Freedom Square. This square is considered the soul of the city and the best place for walking. On the square prohibited the movement of cars and other vehicles. You will see here an elevated column of the Baroque era and a statue of the Atlanteans, who hold a balcony.
  2. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul of the XIV century. A gothic building whose towers are visible from anywhere in the city. The bell tower of the cathedral beats 12 beats at 11 a.m. This is such a tradition that is associated with an ancient legend.
  3. Fortress Špilberk. The castle of the 13th century, bark stoically withstood the attacks of enemies.

In addition to the above attractions, it is impossible not to mention the Church of St. Jacob, the Church of St. Christ and the Villa Tugendhat.

Features traffic rules in Brno

Before driving in the Czech Republic, it should be remembered that the rules of the road require the driver and passengers to fasten their seat belts, children under 12 years old with a height of less than 150 centimeters are transported only in the car seat, the dipped headlights must be turned on around the clock. In the Czech Republic there is no permissible level of alcohol in the blood, otherwise you will face a considerable fine and deprivation of rights for 10 years. It is also recommended to purchase a Czech vignette for traveling on toll roads and parking tickets.

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Booking and renting cars in Brno with RentService24

RentService24 is used to book cars online from various rental companies.

Benefits of RentService24

  1. Providing new, clean and insured vehicles.
  2. Loyal prices. You can rent a car cheaply without commissions and prepayments.
  3. Positive customer reviews after working with the exchange.
  4. Russian-speaking employees of Czech rental companies with whom the service cooperates.
  5. The rental price includes all additional fees.

In the service fleet you can choose a car of any price category of these classes:

  • Economy and average. Cars of the middle price segment, for traveling with little luggage.
  • Business and premium. Executive cars that emphasize the status and financial condition of the client.
  • SUV. Roomy cars for tourist trips out of town or business meetings.

Additional services

In RentService24 you can choose such additional services as a navigator, child seat, Wi-Fi router.

Clearance procedure

The data process takes half an hour. You will need to provide rights and a passport. The driver must be at least 21 years old and have a driving experience of 2 years. With RentService24 you can order a car rental cheaply and profitably.