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Karlovy Vary city

A car makes it possible to travel and discover the world. One of the most popular places in Europe is Karlovy Vary. A cozy resort town located in the north of the Czech Republic has long gained the love of tourists and local residents.

Car rental in Karlovy Vary - attractions and driving features

Karlovy Vary - a city with fabulous architecture - multi-colored roofs, small houses, a stone embankment create the feeling of a medieval fairy tale. For the most part - this is a pedestrian city, which is designed for measured relaxation. However, this does not prevent tourists from using the car rental service in Karlovy Vary and tasting such sights of the city:

  • National park Czech Switzerland.
  • The largest Pravchitsky gate from a stone massif.
  • Falcon Nest Castle with carved walls.
  • Swatovskie rocks, which are a natural marble formation.
  • Becher Museum, where the famous Czech liquor is prepared.
  • Loket Castle on the Ohře River.

The rules of the road in the Czech Republic

  • The driver and passengers must wear seat belts in the city and on the highway.
  • Children under 12 years old with a height below 150 cm should be seated in a child car seat.
  • Only driving with the dipped beam on at all times is permitted.
  • Blood alcohol is not acceptable.
  • The permissible speed in the city is 50 km / h, in the countryside 90 km / h, on the highway 80 km / h and on the highway 130 km / h.

Parking and toll roads in Karlovy Vary

The safest option is to leave the car in a paid ground and underground parking lot. You should pay attention to the signs that hang above the parking lot. Parking in the wrong place will cost a fine. In the Czech Republic there are four types of parking - blue, for local residents and official transport, green long-term, orange and purple short-term up to 2 hours. Toll roads are paid for using vignettes. It can be bought at the border crossing, at a gas station and post office.

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RentService24 is an online car rental service that provides a large number of cars of various classes - economy, medium, business, SUVs and premium. The class depends on the rental price, characteristics and model of the car. Economy and middle class are suitable for traveling with little luggage. Business and premium - status car classes for business meetings with important partners and various events. They emphasize the taste and viability of the client. The SUV is suitable for off-road traveling out of town with a large number of passengers.

Benefits of RentService24

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Booking and car rental conditions

To apply for a car rental in Karlovy Vary and make a reservation, you will need a passport, an international driver's license and an electronic voucher. It should be remembered that the age of the driver must be at least 21 years and driving experience of 2 years. Payment of deposit and lease is made by bank transfer, cash and credit card. RentService24 online exchange will help you to rent a car in Karlovy Vary at affordable prices and on favorable terms.