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Pilsen is a famous Czech city, which is considered an administrative, cultural and industrial center. The main attraction of the city is the brewing museum. Which is not surprising, since Pilsen is the birthplace of beer. No less popular is the Ghost Museum and Republic Square, whose length is more than 190 meters. In addition to these places, tourists visit the dinosaur park, puppet museum, Pilsen Zoo and others. All these sights are impossible to get around in one day. To ease your way, use a car rental in Pilsen.

Features of car rental in Pilsen

The rules of the road in the Czech Republic are different from the Ukrainian ones, so before you get behind the wheel of your or rented transport, you should remember some national features.

Toll roads and parking

In the city of Pilsen and throughout the country you will meet toll roads. To drive them legally, you need to purchase a vignette. Parking in the city is also paid. There are long-term parking - blue and short-term - green and orange.

Traffic Laws

The speed limit in the city is up to 50 km / h, in the suburbs and on the motorway 90-130 km / h. There is no allowable rate of alcohol. At the wheel, the driver must be absolutely sober. Around the clock dipped headlights. The driver and passengers must wear seat belts. Children under 12 years old and with a height of less than 150 cm must ride in car seats. Unconditional pass for cyclists and pedestrians.

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How to book car rental in Pilsen?

If you are interested in a cheap and profitable car rental, RentService24 can help. This service is an online exchange that collects offers from almost all rental companies in Pilsen and other Czech cities. In the service you can rent cars of the following classes:

  • Economy Cars are equipped with an economical engine, which are used to travel around the city.
  • Average. For middle-income people who prefer practicality.
  • Business and premium. Executive cars, for those who need to impress.
  • SUV. Suitable for traveling in a large company outside the city.

Why do customers choose RentService24?

  1. The service offers reasonable prices for car rental in Pilsen. The cost depends on the class and additional equipment of the car.
  2. A diverse range of vehicles in which anyone can choose the right model.
  3. A quick registration process that takes 30 minutes with a minimum number of documents - you need a passport and rights.
  4. Providing new and clean cars with a full tank.
  5. Collaboration with leading and trusted distributors of the Czech Republic and the city of Pilsen.
  6. Minimum requirements for drivers - at least 21 years of age and driving experience of 2 years.
  7. Round-the-clock online and telephone customer support by employees.

Searching for rental cars on the site is absolutely free. You just need to choose your favorite car and make an order. After that, the dealer will contact you. RentService24 works in the interests of customers, providing the minimum cost of effort and finance.