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When traveling in a country such as the Czech Republic, a rented car makes it possible to make an exciting trip. You can stop by in big and small cities, visit resorts and even glance at Austria, Germany or Poland.

How to order car rental in the Czech Republic? - service for online booking of vehicles. He acts as an aggregator for searching cars in Czech rental companies.

Advantages of our service:

  1. Pricing and conditions are fair, without footnotes with small print, and other pitfalls. Before booking, the client will find out all the details about the vehicle - vehicle specifications, technical features, color and other details.
  2. The site describes in detail the terms and conditions of car rental in the Czech Republic.
  3. The deposit is $ 300-1500, depending on the class of the car. It is paid in cash and by bank transfer.
  4. New transport with no more than three years of use and insurance.
  5. Cars are provided with and without a driver.

You can get transport at the airport, at the railway station, in the office of a rental company or in any other convenient place. Cars in the service are divided into the following classes:

  • Economy Here are the cheap cars of the brands "Skoda", "Fiat" and "Peugeot".
  • Average. This class is represented by cars Skoda, Hyundai, Opel, Citroen, Toyota, Kia Motors.
  • SUV. Kia Motors SUVs are suitable for traveling with 5-6 people.
  • Business. In this category are expensive, prestigious models of brands Skoda and Opel.
  • Premium

An advanced filter on the site will make it possible to select a model for such additional criteria as fuel type, transmission, supplier, payment method. The website of the service contains the necessary information on the car - how much it costs, the amount of the deposit, additional equipment.

Rules for booking, rental and car rental in the Czech Republic

Upon receipt of the vehicle, you must have such documents - a passport and international rights. As for the driver’s age, these are usually people over 21 years old with more than two years of experience. But some rental companies have an individual approach to the age and experience of driving a client. For an additional fee, you can get a vehicle from them, even if you are not 21 years old. Also, most rental companies with which the service cooperates provide devices with a full tank and in its pure form.

There are four easy ways to book a rental using

  • Call us by phone.
  • Write to [email protected]
  • Turns into a round-the-clock online chat.
  • Make an online reservation on the site.

How to choose a rental car in the Czech Republic?

Car rental in the Czech Republic provides comfort and freedom of movement. When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to such factors.

  • Engine. The power should meet your requirements, since a device with a low-power engine simply will not start.
  • The trunk. Compact cars are compact in size and small-sized luggage racks. Such luggage carriers are not designed for bulk bags and you will have to call a taxi to transport things from the airport.
  • Number of people. For two small or one large family, it would be wiser to rent two cars or one large SUV.

Features car rental in the Czech Republic

The country is famous for such attractions as royal country residences, Karlovy Vary, Prague Zoo. Among the cities I would like to mention Dresden, Prague and the beer capital Pilsen. This city is famous not only for brewing, but also for the staggered arrangement of buildings.

Traffic Laws

The country has the following speed limits:

  • When driving in the city, the speed should not exceed 50 km/h.
  • The permissible speed on the highway is 90 km/h.
  • The highway allows a speed of 130 km/h.

The legislation has a strict speed limit. If 90 km/h is indicated, then the speed should be exactly 90 or less, since speeding is detected by radars on the roads.

  1. Toll roads. To drive on toll roads, you need to purchase a road brand vignette. It is mounted on the inside of the glass in the lower right corner. You can buy a vignette at a gas station, post office or at the border.
  2. Parking. Blue zone. It is used by local residents for long-term parking of ordinary and official vehicles. This area is indicated by a blue bar. Yellow. Designed for short-term parking of guests and visitors. On the road is indicated by a road sign with a yellow stripe and a white dotted line. Violet. The combination of blue and orange. It is indicated by a white dotted line and a sign with a purple stripe.

Parking is paid at local terminals, which are installed next to parking areas. If you want to save money, you can leave transport on the outskirts of Prague, near shopping and entertainment centers, metro stations. Free parking in the blue zone for three minutes, in the yellow and green zones, free parking is available on weekends and holidays, as well as on weekdays from eight in the evening to eight in the morning.

  • Road police. The police officers are distinguished by friendliness and friendliness. They drive through the streets without flashing lights and sirens, only with a radar. If you are friendly, polite with them and explain the reason for the violation, everything may end with a warning or, in the worst case, a small fine.
  • Fuel. At Czech gas stations, they sell 92nd, 95th and 98th gasoline, autoplyn or LPG liquefied natural gas, and diesel fuel.
  • Features of Czech traffic rules. The legislation does not provide for the permissible level of alcohol in the body. The driver must be absolutely sober. The vehicle must be in proper condition. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to ride in the front seat. A child with a height below 155 cm and weighing less than 35 kg should be seated in a child car seat.
  • Insurance. CTP (TPL). This insurance is included in the rental price and insures against major troubles. CASCO (CDW). It covers the damage that arose as a result of the theft of a vehicle, accident, fire, natural disaster. SuperCDW covers damage that is caused to the glass, bottom, tires and interior.

Rules for the operation and return of rented cars

Car rental in the Czech Republic implies compliance with the following rules. During use, the client pays for parking, gas, gas and is liable for fines and other troubles. On rented cars it is forbidden to participate in racing competitions, ride on a gravel road and carry cargo. Before returning, you need to pour fuel into the tank in the same amount as upon receipt, and wash the car. This is done so that the manager quickly assesses and checks the condition of the vehicle. Users of RentService24, an online transport reservation service, note the polite attitude of the staff, the cleanliness, general condition of the cars, a pleasant price-quality ratio.