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The Czech Republic is proud of the cities of Prague, Pilsen, Brno, but no less famous and beautiful city - Olomouc. The townspeople call it the second Prague, due to antiquity, beauty and a rich cultural life. Here is the residence of the archbishop, the University of Palacky, spacious squares with fountains of the Baroque era. The city is famous for the column of the Holy Trinity, the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas, the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow and the Palace of Gauenschild, where Mozart wrote the Sixth Symphony.

To get to interesting places with amenities and comfort, car rental in Olomouc is the best option. You can order a car rental at low prices and on favorable terms at RentService24.

How to choose a rental car in Olomouc at RentService24?

When choosing a rented car using the RentService24 service, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • The size of the cabin and trunk. Depends on the number of people traveling. For a large family, a roomy SUV is the best option.
  • Type of fuel. Gasoline, gas, diesel or electro. Depends on the selected vehicle.
  • Type of gearbox. Automatic or mechanical, depending on individual preferences.
  • Payment. Payment by card or cash is available.
  • Additional services. They are performed for an additional fee, they include a navigator, a router, a child seat.
  • Pledge. Depends on the work policy of the rolling company. Some companies operate without collateral.

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Advantages and reasons why you should arrange a car rental with RentService24

  1. Convenient and simple service that does not require much time to search for a car, red tape with documents and drawing up a contract.
  2. For registration you will need a passport and rights.
  3. An impressive range of cars for every taste and financial situation.
  4. Loyal requirements for drivers - at least 21 years of age and driving experience of 2 years.
  5. Low prices - RentService24 service allows you to book a suitable car within any financial situation without overpayments.
  6. Fleet with cars of economy class, medium, business, premium and SUV.
  7. Availability on all gadgets - phones, tablets, laptops.

In RentService24 you will find the most advantageous and inexpensive offers from rental companies.