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The main points of pick-up in Vienna

Popular car brands in Vienna

Car rental in Vienna

In the Austrian capital, there are many international and local companies that offer car rental in Vienna online or in the office. The service is available to people over 23 years old (in some cases over 25 years old), who have an international driver's license, a passport and a credit card with the amount required for collateral. The largest selection of classes, brands and prices are offered by large rental companies. The best of them are collected on the RentService24 aggregator, where you can book a car for rent by choosing a company with optimal conditions.

How to rent a car in Vienna

The most popular places to rent a car in Vienna are: the airport, the train station or the city centre. To move around the capital, give preference to compact models that are better suited for driving through tight city streets. It is easier to search for a rental car with the best value for money on aggregators, where you can compare offers from several companies and get acquainted with the conditions in advance. During the high seasons (summer, Christmas, Easter holidays), the most popular car models are quickly dismantled, so if your trip falls during this time, look for and book in advance.

The cost of rental is affected by: mileage limit, car class, service life. Car rental companies often hold promotions and discounts, thanks to which you can rent a car quite inexpensively. Insurance is required and happens:

  • standard - covers the cost of an accident, but only those that are more than the deductible. Pay attention to the franchise amount specified in the contract, because you need to pay for it;
  • full - may have different conditions, depending on the specific company, but covers all damages, deposit, deductible, does not apply in case of violation of traffic rules.

In addition, paying for full insurance can help avoid blocking the deposit on the card, but here the working conditions of companies vary. Most often, car rental does not include the cost of additional equipment, entering the data of the second driver into the contract, and some other points.

Renting a car in Vienna online: a quick guide

The optimal period for which it is worth renting a car in Vienna is considered to be a few weeks before the trip, but the sooner the better. How to do it:

  • on the main page of RentService24, fill in the data for the search - dates, time, place of receipt, return;
  • the system will give you a list of available options, which you can filter further and choose a car rental in Vienna by class, gearbox, fuel type, mileage conditions, etc.;
  • each option contains information about documents, maps, conditions, franchise, etc. In a word, everything you need to know about a particular car rental;
  • Having decided on the option, go to the booking page to enter personal data. At the same time, you can choose additional services and options that are not included in the basic car rental;
  • After that, a confirmation voucher will be sent to the email address you provided. Then you just have to sign the contract and get the keys.

Inexpensive car rental in Vienna: reality or myth

Today, car rental in Vienna is one of the most economical and convenient ways to get around the Austrian capital. However, in order to avoid sad mistakes, you need to study all the subtleties of the process in advance. You should start with where exactly it is more profitable to rent a car. Not many options:

  • local (local) firms;
  • aggregators of local firms.

A huge advantage of aggregator sites is the low prices for car rental: often, they are even lower than what the rental company offers on its website or in the office. In addition, you need to understand that on the websites of rental companies, the price for car rental in Vienna is indicated without insurance, which can be up to half of the daily rental amount. The RentService24 portal always indicates what exactly is included in the cost of the service.

Some helpful tips

To easily rent a car in Vienna and not regret it, pay attention to:

  • types of insurance included in the cost of the service. However, even the most complete and expensive insurance will not protect the driver if he got into an accident while drunk or intentionally caused damage to the property of the rental company;
  • long-term car rental in Vienna is cheaper than short-term;
  • On the aggregator, first of all, the class is booked, not the brand and model. If the option that was ordered for some reason is not available, then you will be offered to rent cars of the same level or higher;
  • Specify whether the rental price includes a vignette - a kind of pass for toll roads. There are companies in which car rental comes with an already paid admission to the motorways;
  • try not to violate the parking rules and choose the most inexpensive options for parking spaces;
  • the amount of the deposit varies depending on the vehicle class, condition, year of manufacture, company policy, etc.;
  • if you are planning long trips, choose a company in which the car issued without mileage limit or pay for the "unlimited mileage" option in advance.
  • In European countries, vehicles with automatic transmission are rare and expensive. Therefore, renting a car "on the mechanics" will additionally save.

Vienna is a great city to travel to and renting a car is a great way to get to know it better. Book a car and hit the road!