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Car rental in Klagenfurt

Thousands of tourists from all over the world arrive annually to admire the sights of the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. They are attracted not only by ancient examples of Protestant architecture and Catholic churches with magnificent interior decoration, but also by the incredible alpine nature. The public transport system in the city is poorly developed, so car rental in Klagenfurt will help ensure comfortable movement.

You can rent a car to meet guests and business partners at the airport or train station, for transfers to and from the hotel, as well as for any business and personal purposes. To find reliable and affordable car rental in Klagenfurt, use the RentSercvice24 service. Our catalog contains offers of the best international car rental companies. All vehicles available for hire are insured, their age does not exceed 5 years, and their technical condition is always under the control of experienced specialists.

Who can rent a car in Klagenfurt?

Car rental in Klagenfurt is available for everyone who is over 23 years old and has more than 2 years of driving experience. To book a car, you do not need to visit the car rental office, just send a request online. In this case, the applicant may be not just at home, but even in another city or even in another country.

To rent a car in Klagenfurt, it is enough to have an identity card and an international driver's license, in which the driver's data is indicated in Latin letters.

Car rental in Klagenfurt can be rented not only by individuals, but also by companies. This service is relevant for employees who are in Austria on a business trip, working remotely, or for those who meet business partners or entire delegations at the airport or train station. Due to the fact that most car rental companies include all taxes in the cost of their services, legal entities can optimize taxation. Another advantage for companies is that car rental can be paid for by bank transfer.

How to rent a car?

To rent a car in Klagenfurt, just follow a few simple steps:

  • in the RentSercvice24 catalog find a car rental with suitable conditions and select the model you like;
  • submit an application for booking a vehicle, in which you specify in detail the period for which you plan to rent a car, the flight number you need to meet, the time of arrival and collection of the car;
  • wait for confirmation of car booking. Usually it comes from the rental company to your email within an hour. The confirmation voucher will be issued in the name of the main driver;
  • the status of the order can be monitored in the "My order" section in the personal account of the service;
  • pick up the car at the agreed place.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Klagenfurt?

Car rental in Klagenfurt is a very popular service, so its cost is affordable for most guests and residents of the city. It is difficult to name the exact price, since it depends on many factors:

  • class and model of the selected car. Premium models will cost more than economy class cars;
  • date of commencement of using the service. Early booking of transport guarantees you the availability of the nominal model that you have chosen, at the same time, the tariff of the car rental company may change in 2-5 months of waiting. And some firms, on the contrary, provide good discounts for early booking;
  • location. If a client asks to deliver a car to a specific address or leaves it outside the car rental office, then renting a car will cost more;
  • payment method. Some car rental companies offer up to 15% discounts to those who pay for their services online;
  • availability of deposit. The larger the deposit, the more favorable the tariff for using the service. Some companies offer car rental without a deposit, but in this case, the fee for its use will be significantly higher;
  • rental period. Long-term car rental is more profitable than short-term;
  • availability of additional services. For the use of a child car seat, a roof mount or a GPS navigator and other services, you will have to pay extra separately. Some rental companies may offer these services for free, but this must be clarified additionally at the stage of booking a car.

If you want to calculate approximately how much a car rental in Klagenfurt will cost you, use the special form on the RentSercvice24 website. It should include the name of the city, the time you plan to use the vehicle, and its model.

Where is the best place to rent a car in Klagenfurt?

To quickly and easily rent a car in major European cities, use the RentService24 service. Our catalog contains offers only from reliable car rentals. Renting a car in Klagenfurt through our service has other advantages:

  • you can book a car in a comfortable environment, having previously familiarized yourself with its technical characteristics and terms of employment;
  • around the clock you can get qualified online support;
  • to search for a car, a convenient and intuitive filter is provided that allows you to select a vehicle of the required configuration at the best price;
  • there are no additional fees and commissions for using the service, only the service is paid;
  • booking requests are accepted at any time of the day;
  • if the selected vehicle is not available, the service redirects the application to another vehicle fleet until it satisfies the requirements stated by the client.

If you need a car for rent and you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort looking for a reliable car rental, use the RentService24 service. With our help, you can book your favorite model from anywhere in the world.